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More Alien: Covenant Artwork Released Online!

The official Art Department blog of MPC has uploaded a bunch of new pieces of artwork from their work on Alien: Covenant. These new pieces by Leandre Lagrange, Stephane Levallois. Valentin Petrov, Ravi Bansal and Mark Tompkins include concept art, storyboards and what look like pre-viz.

The art is focused primarily around Paradise/Planet 4, the Neomorphs and other Alien-related variations with some pieces of the Alien itself included a proto-facehugger based around H.R Giger’s earlier designs and a look at one of the ways that the Alien may secrete its resin!

 More Alien: Covenant Artwork Released Online!


Cocoon Material
Juggernaut Crash


You can view the rest of the art over at the MPC blog. In addition to MPC’s artists, more of Alien: Covenant’s concept arts, Rob Bliss and Steve Messing, recently shared some of their work from the film to their Instagram accounts.

 More Alien: Covenant Artwork Released Online!





Make sure you head on over to their accounts for more! Don’t forget to visit our Alien: Covenant gallery for even more behind-the-scenes imagery from the film!

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  1. Jenga
    There is some interesting, some good, some disappointing and some intriguing work here. My question is: Why isn't Ridley commissioning any practical (read: in clay) design work? The realism is never as strong in real-world pieces because it's not usually painted or lit etc, but more often than not, the design work is stronger. These recent movies have been suffering somewhat in terms of strong design when compared to the original.
  2. Corporal Hicks
    Couple of bts stills from Instagram -

    I've also been keeping the concept art gallery up to date so keep checking that out!
  3. AlienFanIL17
    The facehugger and alien embryos are awesome looking!!!  If those were made into paperweights or something along those lines, I would buy those in a second.
  4. bobby brown
    These are great. Especially the Neomorph. LOVE those human looking jaws.I Like them a lot better than the ones on the final design. Speaking about, I wish we would be show some of the actual final designs...
  5. skhellter
    I dunno, acrediblesource. I think the sight of Alien's jizzing cocoon material all over everyone might be a bit too comical.

    I was leaning towards the "it would've been unintentionally funny" angle...
    and then i remembered that there's a moment in
    It Follows where the lead character glimpses the "creature" forcing itself upon the corpse of a friend.
    And it's horrifying and uncomfortable...

    There's also a similarly uncomfortable scene in Possession (starring Sam Neill).

    Bottom line - The effectiveness of the "cocoon" idea depends on the writing, filmmaking, etc...
    But i actually think it could be used "well"... there IS precedent.

    I wouldnt trust Ridley with it, though.
    Maybe David Robert Mitchell.
  6. Corporal Hicks
    I dunno, acrediblesource. I think the sight of Alien's jizzing cocoon material all over everyone might be a bit too comical.

    When I participated in the December test screening, when David smuggles the embryos on the Covenant, they originally looked like this rather than mini facehuggers.

    Thanks for sharing, Nick!
  7. acrediblesource
    Whoever decided the cocoon material idea should be cut was a complete idiot. I think fans are waiting for things like that only not to get it every time there is a new movie.  Something visually disturbing that doesn't have to be gore.
    man....the day we get a great alien movie is the day they a new franchise of something else.
  8. Corporal Hicks
    Dane and Matt have continued to share more artwork. Keep checking out their accounts!

    Dane just shared this one earlier -;79sLX0M6txupDz6xqpnaQD9cjQGrA~-~-.bps.a.1443279082389175.1073741840.801247429925680/1482437425140007/?type=3&theater

    Another one I loved doing, anatomy of a Neomorph split open for a profile view.
    This one is pretty special to me because Adam Johansen (Creature HOD) took the illustration as an inspiration to sculpt and create an utterly incredible piece that sat in the lab, far more resolved and beautiful than I could've conceived. Probably the coolest thing in that space. Sorry for the love in, but... Damn, it was awesome!

    Couple more costume designs from Andrei Riabovitchev - - Colin has just posted some Meet Walter concepts too.

    Colin has uploaded a new article with Engineer concepts. Including this lady -
  9. Huggs
    I gotta ask, the "Gollum Morph" can we call it a Gollum Morph? The third picture in the bottom set; just what is that in it's mouth exactly? Love the design of the first two xeno's; very Pacific rim, heavy kaiju feel there. Maybe a little bit of Godzilla 1998.
  10. CainsSon
    It seems like a trend with these prequels that there is all this great "clearly better options" in the concept art. Again, Ridley Scott forgot to make the monsters do something interesting. It was the problem with the Engineers and the monsters in Covenant. A goblin shark jaw just isn't enough. The designers had great ideas and none of them were used. I dont want to blame Scott for this but whether its Scott or the studio, someone needs to get dick slapped.
    If the next film doesnt include Green Screen Giger sets they will have really just missed the damn mark, at this point.
  11. Evanus
    Yeah, I don't really like that Neomorph design either. Overall I prefer what we got onscreen. However, I wish the Xeno was less insectoid and more elegant. I'm fine with it being organic, as long as it isn't too slimy.
  12. skhellter
    Yeah.... i'm happy with the designs we got onscreen.

    Love the movie-neomorph especially. Very much like Huante's original concept creature.. but streamlined a bit.


    horrible design.  :-X

    Too bad, they didn't use the biomechanical (and original) version of the Xenomorph design.

    Given the storyline they are aiming at... David hitting the biomech aesthetic right out of the gate would seem to be a bit.. premature?
    I like the more fleshy, insectoid Xeno we got. 
    Biomech stuff will come back in the 3rd prequel... if it ever gets made.
  13. tuskhaus
    I'm definitely getting a heavily The Thing and Dead Space influenced vibe from these new pics. I love both franchises so very much and would've loved to see these ugly beasties adapted to screen. I do prefer that new Neomorph render to the one we actually got. The way it's jaw extends is a lot more terrifying.

    I think it was a bad desicion (on whoever's part) to give us the Alien so soon. That reveal should be kept for the last half of the final film, however many films down the road that would've been. They should've just concentrated on David, the Goo, and his attempts at creation - Pushing us closer to ALIEN.

    As much as I love Covenant, I think it would've stood a better chance not having the release date pushed up so much. The post production could've maybe breathed a bit more.
  14. Xenomorphine
    The Alien pissing/shitting something all over its victim would have been a bit... Yeah...

    Two or three other things would have been interesting to have seen on screen, though. The multi-limbed creature's head, I really like and would have given the 'space wasp' evolutionary link much more relevance.
  15. The_Foxcatcher
    Too bad, they didn't use the biomechanical (and original) version of the Xenomorph design.

    The crews in their helmets walking through the Engineer city looks truly amazing. Too bad, they switched suits&helmets to caps, cargo pants and hiking bags!

  16. Scorpio
    Too bad Ridley didn't get enough budget to include these ideas.

    I hope the cocoon scene happens in the next film.  They went as far as previz so it's a good bet that it will.
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