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THR 30th Anniversary Retrospective on Predator

While Predator’s 30th anniversary may have come and gone without any attention from 20th Century Fox, the folk over at The Hollywood Reporter went out and spoke to many of the cast and crew on the film and put together a fantastic “oral history” on the Predator!

“We were having a weapons introduction day, and I gave a little lesson about how you’re supposed to use them. I remember Bill Duke was supposed to be carrying a machine gun, and I said, “Bill, in real life, they fire in bursts of six, and you fire another burst of six, and another, and that keeps the barrel from melting. If you just squeeze it and run through the whole belt, you’re going to ruin the barrel pretty quickly.” So we set it up, and of course the first thing he does is he squeezes it, holds it, and starts screaming. Fired off, I don’t know, 200 rounds in one thing, and Bill is just cackling like a madman. I thought, “Yeah OK, this is a movie.”

 THR 30th Anniversary Retrospective on Predator

The original “red suit” before Stan Winston redesigned the Predator.

In addition to some new behind-the-scenes stills from Predator’s production, there’s some great recollections from the people who worked on the film including the various versions of how Jean-Claude Van Damme left the film, the shutting down of the production and various stories about the film’s legendary cast! Head on over to The Hollywood Reporter and check out the whole article!

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Comments: 8
  1. Dan
    It would be cool if Fox doing an anniversary reunion of the cast on Comic Con and Shane Black's new cast could join them later to talk about The Predator.
    Maybe thats not happening because Arnie and Shane have some argument because of Dutch's part in the new movie?
  2. Corporal Hicks
    Quote from: SpeedyMaxx on Jun 25, 2017, 04:04:56 AM
    Nice to see it confirmed that Black rewrote the film.

    It confirms he didn't do rewrites on the film.

    QuoteDavis: I'm producing the new Predator [due out Aug. 3, 2018], and Shane Black is directing it. So Shane Black — I met Shane on that movie. Shane was a really great writer who had just written this great script called Lethal Weapon. We wanted him to do a rewrite on the [Predator] script. So we put him in the movie, because he's an actor. And we got him down there, and we asked him to do a rewrite, and he said he was an actor in the movie and not a writer. So he was the first person we killed. He got killed seven minutes into the movie.
  3. Huggs
    "I'll never look at the scene of Arnie saying "Get to to the chopper!" knowing there's a guy covered in quilts off to his right"

    Everybody knows a Predator cannot enter the "Binkie" fort. The Binkie Fort is impenetrable.  :)
  4. SiL
    It's possible we've exhausted the BTS Predator pics to some degree. It was put together quickly, so it's not like they had a long time to take thousands of photos.

    I'll never look at the scene of Arnie saying "Get to to the chopper!" knowing there's a guy covered in quilts off to his right though...
  5. Corporal Hicks
    Quote from: Omegamorph on Jun 21, 2017, 07:26:45 PM
    Thanks for sharing mate. Lack of new Pred pics is disappointing but plenty of info there

    Completely agree. Would have loved some new bts stuff of the Predator. I don't think I've seen that particular Boss sfx suit still before and the other bts shots are cool.

    It's a pretty cool article, though. Some bits and pieces I didn't know or needed my memory refreshed on. Thanks for sharing Johnny, gonna get this on the front page shortly. It's a shame Fox didn't really do any celebrations for the 30th.
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