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Ridley Scott Talks Return of Engineers for Alien: Covenant Sequel

In a recent interview with Sir Ridley Scott recorded during the Alien: Covenant press junkets, Scott talks a little about what’s he has in store for the Alien: Covenant sequel (also currently known as Alien: Awakening)!

“They’ll be three or four different players coming in to investigate. One of which will be the Engineers arriving back to find their planet decimated. I think those ships come and go on regular intervals. I see them as the gardeners of space.

Where we go next is obvious. We’re gonna actually go to the planet. In so doing…I’m not going to tell you the story!

When Ridley says “the planet” I assume he may be talking about LV-426 as that seems one of the more direct and obvious ways in which the Alien prequels would tie into Alien. Or possibly back to Paradise judging from the Engineers involvement. Or he make just mean the Covenant’s destination, Origae-6. Thanks to 0321recon and acidreign for the link.

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