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More Alien: Covenant Concept Art Released Online!

In the weeks since Alien: Covenant has been released, many of the concept artists that worked on the film have been sharing their work online.

We’ve previously reported on Wayne Haag (who has also added more artwork! Check it out!) and Carlos Huante‘s portfolios but Steve Burg, Ev ShipardValentin PetrovJeremy Love, Gabriel Beauvais and Gerhard Mozsi have been joining in on the fun!

The below gallery contains a few select pieces from everyone. I would recommend heading on over each artist’s ArtStation account (linked to above) or sticking your heads into the Alien: Covenant album on our Gallery for more!

Engineer Head
Shaw Biomechanoid
Bridge Console
Cryo Pod
Lander Weapons
Docking Area

Now that Alien: Covenant has been released, keep a close eye on Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for the latest on behind-the-scenes material! We’ll be keeping our gallery updated with the new releases!

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