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Ridley Scott Talks Alien: Covenant Test Screenings – 20 Minutes of Footage Removed

In a recent interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub, Sir Ridley Scott talked about the test screenings for Alien: Covenant and revealed that he’d trimmed about 20 minutes from his initial edit of the film.

“Ridley Scott: The only reason I take my hat off occasionally to screenings is you think you know everything, but you know you don’t. Something inordinately simple you’ve assumed everyone understands and they don’t. That’s the key thing, isn’t it? You know when it’s a bit too long. And also, if you’re a bit too long you then ask “Right speed? Too slow? Too fast?” If they go “no, too fast” you go “shit, I’ve got to slow down” – because as you edit, you can get weary and want to cut, cut, cut.

Collider: Oh, so were there a lot of deleted scenes?

Ridley Scott: No.

Michael Fassbender: I don’t think so.

Ridley Scott: I always come out at almost 2:23 first cut. Look at it, and go “I’ve got to get to two hours”.

 Ridley Scott Talks Alien: Covenant Test Screenings - 20 Minutes of Footage Removed

That may not have been entire scenes though. Some of that may have been simple trimming. We’ve already taken note of some sequences missing from the trailers (which in all fairness is pretty standard) but we’ve also had the benefit of knowing of other sequences that were removed from the test screenings. Along with the recently released novelization, we’ve been working on a deleted scenes page for Alien: Covenant. We’ll have that up for your reading pleasure soon!

Will we be seeing an extended release of Alien: Covenant when it finally hits home release? Is that something you would be interested in seeing?  Thanks to echobbase79 for the news.

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