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Alien vs Predator Galaxy Game Night Returns!

AvPGalaxy is relaunching Game Night! Those of you who have been here for a while may remember when we had a regularly scheduled multiplayer game night. This started with 2010’s Aliens Vs. Predator and continued with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

AvPGalaxy has a long history with gaming as we originally launched in 2002 around the time of Monolith’s AvP2. Thanks to the Master Server Patch, AvP2’s servers are currently up and running and we definitely plan on including it with these events going forward. You will find the instructions for how to install the Master Server Patch in its thread.

Currently, we will be scheduling events for Aliens Vs. Predator: Classic 2000, Aliens Vs. Predator 2, Aliens Vs. Predator (2010), and yes, even Aliens: Colonial Marines.

 Alien vs Predator Galaxy Game Night Returns!
These events will be scheduled for PC users and with the exception of AVP2, we will be connecting through Steam. Be sure to join our AvPGalaxy Steam Group to keep informed about what is coming up.

We realize not everyone games on PC, so if anyone would like to set up an Xbox 360 or PS3 game night for Aliens Vs. Predator (2010) and Aliens: Colonial Marines, feel free to coordinate for those in the Forum.

Our first game night will be scheduled for Sunday, June 4th, at 7pm GMT (Currently BST). Going forward we will be having these nights twice a month, on the first and third Sundays. For our first game night, we will be playing Aliens vs. Predator (2010), following that will be Aliens: Colonial Marines, the same time on June 18th, then AvP2 on July 2nd, followed by Aliens Vs. Predator Classic 2000 on July 23rd. We’ll cycle back to Aliens Vs. Predator (2010) on August 6th.

This schedule is not set in stone, and if we need to change based on what works for people, or if we want to rotate through games depending on how many show on a given game night, we’ll coordinate for that.

Keep an eye on the AvPGalaxy Game Night thread.

Also, we’ve recently launched an official AvPGalaxy Discord Channel. We will be using this for voice chat in game.

We look forward to seeing you on the virtual battleground! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get the latest on your social media walls. You can also join in with fellow Alien and Predator fans on our forums!

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