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Updated: Alien: Covenant’s Practical Alien Suit on The Late Late Show!

With the American release of Alien: Covenant just days away, some of the cast of the film have been working hard on the press rounds, appearing on various American talk shows. One such show was The Late Late Show with James Corden.

In addition to Billy Crudup, the Alien made an appearance! Clips haven’t appeared online yet but judging from some GIFs shared by The Late Late Show’s Twitter account, they did a short sketch featuring the Alien.

20th Century Fox shared a behind-the-scenes still from episode, giving us a nice look at one of the practical Alien suits constructed by Odd Studio and Creatures Inc. Ltd for Alien: Covenant!

 Alien: Covenant's Practical Alien Suit on The Late Late Show!

This is one of several practical suits made by Odd Studio and Creatures Inc. Ltd and was sent over for use on the show. The performer inside the suit for the sketch wasn’t one of the creature performers who worked on Alien: Covenant, nor was anyone from Odd Studio or Creatures Inc. Ltd on hand to assemble the suit on The Late Late Show.

Michael Fassbender will also be appearing on next episode of The Late Late Show. Keep checking back in on Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for the latest on Alien: Covenant! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get the latest on your social media walls. You can also join in with fellow Alien fans on our forums!

Update #1 17/05/2017 – The sketch is now available via the The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube account.

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