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Alien: Escape – Madame Tussauds Immersive Experience

As part of the Alien Day celebrations, 20th Century Fox and Madame Tussauds unveiled the teaser trailer for their upcoming attraction, Alien: Escape! As well as the trailer, they also announced a competition giving fans an opportunity to star in the experience.

“Madame Tussauds presents an ultimate fan competition, giving one lucky fan the chance to star in Alien: Escape, a brand new immersive experience that’s based on the ALIEN: Covenant Movie … only for the bravest of individuals.

Onboard the Covenant spaceship, the winner will be featured in a filmed recording that’s set at the heart of the experience.”

We have reached out to Madame Tussauds for more information but the description “immersive experience” leads me to believe that this new attraction maybe something akin to the Alien War attraction that was open in the early 90s – be sure to listen to our podcast with David Watson, a performer from Alien War.

You can find out more about Alien: Escape and the competition to star in a recording over at the official website! It is currently slated to open in Summer 2017.

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  1. dumbass_colonist
    Alien War was amazing. I totally panicked when a guy jumped out from behind a barrel and I just started sprinting down the corridor. Had to be dragged back by the marine.
    I then fell through one of the walls when I leaned on it and hurt my back.
    All in all a fun day out.
  2. Xeno_from_Chino
    Why does the UK get all of the good stuff. haha. Here in the New Jersey/New York area, all we get is the Ghostbusters 3D experience at our Madame Tussauds. Much rather have this.
  3. Corporal Hicks
    They showed the trailer in the Alien Day cinema screenings over here! I've reached out to Madame Tussauds for some more specific information but it sounds like this is going to be something akin to Alien War and that really excites me!
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