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Updated: NECA’s Alien: Covenant Alien Figure Revealed!

It’s been known for some time that NECA would be producing action figures for Alien: Covenant (and also The Predator if you weren’t aware!) Those figures have been kept tightly under-wraps, though.

In addition to releasing their Kenner Private Vasquez figure, NECA and 20th Century Fox are celebrating Alien Day by unveiling a part of their upcoming Alien: Covenant line!

 NECA's Alien: Covenant Alien Figure Revealed!

NECA will also be producing a Neomorph figure (currently being called New Creature in NECA’s releases) but they wont be releasing any images or information on that figure until Alien: Covenant’s US release.

Thanks to Xenomorph_Nerd for the link! Keep a close eye on Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for the latest on Alien: Covenant! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get the latest on your social media walls. You can also join in with fellow Alien fans on our forums!

Update #1 – Another posed picture of the Alien: Covenant Xenomorph figure was released via NECA’s Twitter account.

 NECA's Alien: Covenant Alien Figure Revealed!

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  1. JokersWarPig
    honest to god I lost my shit laughing when I saw the neomorph  :laugh: I don't know what it is but it just looks funny
    I might get him, and I'll definitely grab the xeno and the creature pack.
    I want the different eggs for my hive, something I always liked about the original PROM script was the different face huggers, between these eggs and the kenner line I'll have plenty of variety
  2. drsmuts
    Definitely get the big guy. Not sure about the Neomorph to be honest. The Toddler version looks rather dorky, nothing to do with the figure, just the creature design. Looks like's he wants to play a piano  :D
  3. windebieste
    That depends on the timezones across the US.  I'm supposing west coast.  I guess that will be in about 5 hours.  I'll be asleep by then.  As usual.  lol.

    I'll be looking forward to the news when I get out of bed. 

  4. Xenomrph
    Quote from: bobby brown on May 16, 2017, 05:58:56 PM
    I almost think it should be cancelled and reworked, As it looks quite different from the current alien shown.
    Seems like it's based on the practical stand-in suit on set. Not representing the final design it seems.
    While I agree to a point, it's still a pretty neat sculpt and I don't really have a problem buying it.

    Terminator Salvation had some similar stuff happen with its merchandise - the Moto-Terminator motorcycles got redesigned partway through production so the toy version that got released ended up not looking like the on-screen version.
  5. drsmuts
    Have to feel a bit sorry for NECA along with the physical prop builders. A lot of work done and it's painted over by CGI, sculpts are out of date etc. A reverse of Prometheus where CGI Fifield was replaced by the duller physical version for some reason....

    NECA also had it sprung on them late in the day as well that the release date had moved.
  6. bobby brown
    I almost think it should be cancelled and reworked, As it looks quite different from the current alien shown.
    Seems like it's based on the practical stand-in suit on set. Not representing the final design it seems.
  7. JokersWarPig
    Quote from: Sabres21768 on May 07, 2017, 05:28:52 AM
    Quote from: echobbase79 on May 07, 2017, 04:28:16 AM

    I'm wondering if they put more effort into the neomorph than they did with the regular xeno? I don't hate the other figure, but it's got problems.
    I open all of mine and issues are RARE.
    This is mainly people jumping on the hate bandwagon.

    I agree here..out of my 2 Aliens, 17 Predators and 23 marines I've only had 3 Aliens with QC issues. Those 3 are two of my first brown warriors and Grid from the AVP line. They all had issues with their legs not staying together.

    One average my experience with NECA is nothing but good/positive, but I have seen their QC issues (paint wise) with their new Hicks/Hudson two pack. To me it does seem like they dropped the ball there, luckily the two packs I had bought had none of these paint issues.
  8. Blood Warrior
    Is it possible that people are just hating for no reason?  It's certainly possible, but I doubt it.  ToyWiz has a disclaimer about NECA's figures.  I've seen people on Instagram and Twitter reporting issues.  Someone is on a wait list for a new head. 

    I went through three Ultimate City Hunter's that were broken.  I bought one Young Blood that had a split wrist.  I bought an Elder Predator that has a leg issue.  I have DC, Marvel, and Star Wars figures and I've never ran into the amount of issues that I have had with NECA.  I want to keep collecting NECA figures, especially the Alien and Predator lines.  They look great, but they have some serious QA issues that need to be dealt with.
  9. RidgeTop
    Simply because some have no issues with their opened figures doesn't mean that's the case for everyone. Retailers like ToyWiz even have a disclaimer:

    "Due to the fragile nature of NECA Collectibles we cannot accept returns on opened product. We inspect each figure before sending it out, but figures can be damaged in transit. Please make sure to inspect your figure for damages BEFORE opening it."

    A company wouldn't have that disclaimer unless they were previously getting too many returns to deal with.

    Calling NECA out for widely reported quality control and breakage issues doesn't automatically make someone a hater. Most people who are criticizing the issues ultimately just want NECA to have solid products, which shouldn't be too much to ask of any company.
  10. windebieste
    I gotta agree with Sabres.  I've only encountered 1 NECA figure with any real QA issues (Lower jaw permanently closed on my translucent Alien figure.).  Design decisions aside, the rest have been fine for what the company was out to achieve. 

    Considering the price point and range of figures NECA make, They're pretty solid.  For what amounts to glorified toys, they make good stuff overall. 

    (Although my Stompy figure has rickets now due to the heat of last Summer bending his legs - but I bet that's probably solved with a nice hot bath and a quick shove into the freezer for 15 minutes.)

  11. windebieste
    I hate taking NECA figures out of their packaging... once removed, the packaging is destroyed.  Gah...  It's not like you can just slip a knife to break a small length of sticky tape and then easily open the package.

  12. Blood Warrior
    I was going to take back the Ultimate City Hunter, but I fixed it.  I had to glue the staff and cut away the plastic.  For display purposes it works.  My Jungle Hunter was fine.  No issues at all with that one.

    The figures look great.  The accessories are always interesting and add to the figure.  I'm really careful with them for fear of them breaking. 
  13. Denton Smalls
    Damn. It's so ironic because the details of the sculpts are so good yet they sound like they fall apart easily.

    I would take sturdiness over detail any day if I was planning on taking them out of the box.

    I've also read on here that the NECA creature figures seem to break more often than the human ones. Have you experienced that?
  14. Blood Warrior
    Quote from: Predaker on Apr 29, 2017, 05:48:17 PM
    Quote from: skhellter on Apr 29, 2017, 05:56:00 AM
    NECA makes cheap toys that more often than not break as soon as you take them out of the box. Their quality control is horrible.
    And every once in a while they put out really poorly sculpted toys like the Covenant Xeno

    Their quality control really does leave something to be desired.

    I've bought three City Hunter Predator's that were all broken.  The first one's arm wouldn't stay on.  The second one's computer lid was broken.  The same with the third with an added bonus of a broken staff and they didn't remove enough of the plastic on the disk.
  15. skhellter
    Quote from: Denton Smalls on Apr 28, 2017, 11:33:01 PM
    I have no idea who Kotobukikia is but how are these "trashy?"
    Kotobukiya has the best sculpts of the alien creature, ever.

    NECA makes cheap toys that more often than not break as soon as you take them out of the box. Their quality control is horrible.
    And every once in a while they put out really poorly sculpted toys like the Covenant Xeno (and their Shin-Godzilla figure lol).

    I dont think it's been said..

    but the Covenant Xeno that NECA is putting out is clearly
    based on an early design of the creature,
    It's the one they seem to have used for the animatronic. (There's a pic of the animatronic out there.)

    Ridley seems to have changed his mind about the design of the creature's shoulders
    and seems to have gone with a fully cgi creation.

    NECA is saying that their toy is "screen accurate".
    Not anymore.
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