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Alien: Covenant Set Visit Featurette – With Adam Savage

Adam Savage of MythBusters fame has uploaded his visit of the Alien: Covenant set to his “Tested” YouTube Channel for Alien Day! The behind the scenes tour gives us a detailed look at the sets of an engineer hallway and the Space Jockey Chamber of the Juggernaut ship.

These sets were constructed at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia for the duration of the film’s shooting at that location. Although the Space Jockey Chamber was featured prominently in Prometheus, the set for Covenant was rebuilt from scratch, rather than recycled from that film.

Adam Savage has some great input as he comes from a background of prop and set building. An avid Science Fiction fan, he’s also visited the sets of The Martian, Ghost in the Shell, and the SyFy series The Expanse.

Savage is also a professional cos-player and has a habit of attending Comic-Con in outfits where his identity is concealed.

 Alien: Covenant Set Visit Featurette - With Adam Savage Alien: Covenant Set Visit Featurette - With Adam Savage

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  1. windebieste
    'Dreadnought'.  We now have a moniker for this vehicle and can now hold discussions toidentify each of the Engineer ships with ease.  Dreadnought, Juggernaut and Derelict, it is then. 

    As a naming convention, I think this is serviceable and reasonable.

  2. kwisatz
    Quote from: Evanus on Apr 26, 2017, 02:28:27 PM
    There's that Gigeresque hallway again!  Looks great.

    At 2:57 over a side corridor it seems to be leading into the control room?! You can see the entrance to that side corridor on the right in that production still.

    So its just an unseen a bit more Giger-esque corridor on that still generic looking Prometheus Engineer Ship(s). Disappointment i embrace ya --

    edit: The side corridor seems then to be in the normal Prometheus fashion if im not totally confused now --
  3. 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔈𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔥 𝔓𝔞𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔯
    A dreadnought (not dreadnaught) is just a generic term for a kind of battleship
    Methinks Mr. Savage just misspoke in his obvious excitement.

    Some more info on the Juggernaut set and related things:

    QuoteThe film was designed with the idea that eventually you have to arrive at Alien, meaning they can't get too crazy with the technology. Covenant is between Prometheus and Alien and the aesthetic reflects that. (This is also true of the creatures.)

    The aesthetic choices aren't just superficial, they tie into the larger story. "Technically, we're slightly earlier than the Giger stuff, a little bit," Seagers explained. "We're sort of edging into that. That's part of that whole storyline."

    Covenant is also a midpoint between the scale of Prometheus and the scares of Alien. "It's got the scale of Prometheus, but also it brings in the suspense [of Alien]. The corridors get smaller, darker, and you're just wondering what's down there," said Huffam. "It kind of takes very much the best of both those worlds and combines them."

    The production team carried over the engineer alphabet created for Prometheus. All the hieroglyphics actually say something, but it might be rather difficult to decode since not all the translations are in English.

    The sets were built as a "LEGO kit" by which they could connect hallways to rooms with a "shared language" throughout the film so that the hallways and rooms could be redecorated and repurposed multiple times throughout the shoot. Shaw's cabin, a very small space, was shot for five different sets.

    It took them 15 days to build the Juggernaut set, but they prepped it for months. Instead of building the set with traditional carpentry, the set was created in pieces by computers through a process called 6-axis milling (or machining).

    Because they're going for a claustrophobic feel and Scott is shooting on anamorphic lenses, the sets had to be pretty strictly condensed. "If you can't touch the ceiling, you won't see it," said Seagers. On the bridges, the ceilings maxed out at about 2 meters.

  4. CainsSon
    That's not the same set we've seen in the trailers. From the leaks, we know we dont see much of what happens bw David and Shaw on the Juggernaut.
    In the trailers the inside of that set is teaming with flowing water and organic life, trees, moss, etc.

    Im now wondering if Shaw doesn't escape on a Juggernaut and that's the connection to Alien, and that's what they are trying to keep a secret about Shaw.
  5. acidreign
    Yeah I can't tell if he's mistakenly calling the Juggernaut the Dreadnaught, or if "Dreadnaught" is what this particular ship is called to distinguish it from the ship that crashed on LV-223.

    In any case, my question about where the Giger tunnel was located seems to be settled! I wonder if that aesthetic choice has any significance, considering that the less Giger-y style of corridor is also apparently present in the same ship.
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