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The Countdown Begins! – Alien Day 2017

In just 23 days it’ll be the second Alien Day officially supported by 20th Century Fox! Last year we saw some cool releases and in about an hours’ time we’ll be learning what Fox has in store for us this year!

To help get you all in the mood, Fox sent us this marketing piece to share with other fans of the Alien franchise.

20th Century Fox have also just unveiled their Alien Universe website! Included on there are some details on what we can expect on Alien Day and it looks like we’ll be seeing a Q&A with some cast members and new footage from Alien: Covenant!

We’ve also got the latest issue of Dark Horse Comics’ fantastic Aliens: Defiance and the first issue of their upcoming limited run, Aliens: Dead Orbit. And we recently learnt that Audible would be publishing another Alien audio drama!

Keep a close eye on Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for the latest Alien news! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get the latest on your social media walls. You can also join in with fellow Alien fans on our forums!

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  1. Pvt. Himmel
    26 Interesting Facts about the Movie Alien!!
  2. Pvt. Himmel
    Mondo's Alien Day Offerings.

    QuoteThey'll be available for purchase on ( on April 26th starting at 10am PT/12pm CT/1pm ET.

    Alien- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 4XLP.

        Timed Limited Edition Pre-Order Begins 4/26 and ends 5/19
        Music Composed by Jerry Goldsmith
        Artwork by Tyler Stout
        Pressed on 180 Gram Colored Vinyl

    Alien – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP.
        Music Composed by Jerry Goldsmith
        Artwork by Kilian Eng
        Available on 180 Gram Black and 180 Gram Colored Vinyl
        Pre-Order begins 4/26

    Alien Xenomorph T-Shirt by Tyler Stout - $30.
    QuoteFeatures artwork by Tyler Stout. Available in sizes XS to 4XL on 100% cotton t-shirt. Printed by Industry Print Shop.

    Alien and Aliens Enamel Pins.
    QuoteXenomorph enamel pin by DKNG – $10

    1.6″ wide soft enamel pin on black dyed metal designed by DKNG. Double posted with rubber clutch backings on Alien pin packaging.

    Alien Queen enamel pin by DKNG – $10.
    Quote1.6″ high soft enamel pin on shiny silver nickel designed by DKNG. Double posted with rubber clutch backings on Aliens pin packaging.

  3. Russ840
    Ill be reading issue 11 of Aliens: Defiance, issue 1 of Dead Orbit and i may re read Aliens: Book One.

    Ill be on the look out for all the news throughout the day.  Hopefully tickets for Covenant will be made availiable for purchase.

    It would be amazing if we get a new Video game announced.
  4. Darkness
    Yeah, the Alien Day event will feature Prometheus and Alien as well some exclusive Alien Covenant footage. Then you use the same ticket on Thursday 11th May for the Alien Covenant screening. I'll be doing it with Cineworld.
  5. windebieste
    Is it moddable? 

    Coz really, even the piece of shit that was 'ALIENS: Colonial Marines' was an ideal modding platform.  FPS. ALIENS.  Unreal Engine 3 (Which at the time was also known as UDK - and was installed on over a million user's PC's) was the great opportunity for a moddable game.  If it was moddable, you'd have hundreds, maybe thousands of items of custom content now and people would still be churning out stuff for it.  The game would be selling still on the strength of such content.

    'AvP' and 'AvP2' were the only truly moddable games... and they're 15 years old now.  People still make custom stuff for 'em, too.

    15 years later, 'A:CM's modding community would be doing so as well.  If if had been given the opportunity.

    We need something along those lines where community creativity can flourish and not a flash in the pan hipster 3D VR disposable piece of junk.  You know it.

  6. windebieste
    Not long now... just around the corner and we'll be bombarded with so much ALIEN goodies and new movie content. 

    I'm actually feeling quite intimidated by not knowing what's just about to hit us.  Fresh movie footage.  New viral content.  Announcements from companies like NECA... and that's just stuff relating to the new movie. 

    God knows what else is going to hit the deck in terms of announcements.  Toys, books, DVD and BluRay re-releases.  Wow.  Last year's inaugural festivities feel like a test bed for what's about to hit this week. 

    Personally, I'm hoping for a new ALIEN game of some sort.  I don't care if it's stealth, FPS, RTS, NSFW or whatever... I just want it to be moddable.   Certainly, we're overdue for a moddable ALIENS game.  Who doesn't want that?

    Anyway, just a couple days now...

  7. FiorinaFury161
    ^If you love character development, further explanations, and alternate situations, your view on the film will change forever. Be sure to tell us what you think of it, as I think it is miles better than the TC. A blend of both cuts would be ideal and best, but it is still great.

    As for my plans on Alien day, once I'm done with school I will head to TRU and probably pick up the NECA Alien 3 Ripley if it is still there. Then landscape all day due to the crappy weather approaching the rest of the week. :laugh: I will try to squeeze in some kind of Alien viewing tho.
  8. windebieste
    Geeze... I hope there's going to be an English edition of that book.  Looks like a real prize, that one.

    Oh yeah.  Super7 Blind Box Alien ReAction figures.  Them things looks nice, huh.

  9. Pvt. Himmel
    This doesn't say its exclusive to Alien Day, but it runs until May19th.


    Quote  Star Wars ushered in a new age of people looking up at the night sky and wondering about far off distant worlds where mighty heroes overcome unprecedented odds to fight evil. The age of wonderment in relation to space had never been higher. That lasted for about two years, until Ridley Scott's Alien made everybody terrified that space was full of giant acid-blooded murder beasts that burst out of your chest. Which is true, I hear. That movie is a masterpiece of modern horror and the H.R. Giger design for the xenomorph remains one of the most iconic in films. To celebrate it, and in honor of the upcoming Alien: Covenant, Mondo is offering this gorgeous new print.   

    Quote    The piece is by artist NC Winters and it depicts the chilling Giger design, with his initial see-through head into which you can see a decidedly human skull. It's a handsome 24″x 36″, printed by DL Screenprinting, and will run you $50.

    This poster is on sale now and will be available for purchase through Friday May 19, which is conveniently the release date for Alien: Covenant. You can order on the MondoTees website, or if you pre-order tickets to any Alamo Drafthouse screening of Covenant.

    In addition to the poster, ticket buyers in all Alamo Drafthouse regions can also get this snazzy new Alien enamel pin as well, which is, if you'll pardon the phrase, mouthwatering. 
  10. windebieste
    I got some trivia questions for ya...

    What country was this movie made in?
    Which country never gets included in promotional contests like this?
    Where would you not like to live if you were a fan of this series?
    If you wanted to be completely avoided, left in isolation and totally ignored by the studios that make this stuff where would you go?
    Where in the world when stuff like this is released, it's always as expensive as f**k?  ...and I mean double the price of everywhere else in the world..?

    If you answered 'Australia' (or even New Zealand would do, coz that's also true, too) then you'd be right.



  11. Covenant81
    On the Alien Universe page they used the Alien from Isolation for the fan art contest background. Anyone reckognized? I'm hoping for VR Re Release of Isolation or an Isolation 2 VR announcement.
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