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Alien: Covenant Photo Filter Released for Facebook

The Alien: Covenant social media hype continues with an animated video and photo filter exclusively for Facebook.

Part of Facebook’s new camera feature on it’s mobile app, these filters are similar to what you might see on Snapchat, which actually had their own Aliens filter a little while back to celebrate that film’s 30th anniversary.

Rather than a mask filter like we saw with Snapchat, this one has the new Xenomorph snarling above the camera subject. There’s no telling how long this filter will be available so check it out if you happen to use Facebook on your phone! Videos taken with the filter can also be saved to your phone.

 Alien: Covenant Photo Filter Released for Facebook

This Alien: Covenant profile video filter can be found in the camera of the Facebook mobile app.

Here’s the official press release:

“20th Century Fox has partnered with Facebook to premiere an exclusive ALIEN: COVENANT Facebook Camera Mask as part of their newly launched Facebook Camera product! The Facebook Camera, which Facebook announced this morning, provides a new way for people to share creative photos and videos. Now more than ever, fans can experience immersive video and express themselves authentically on Facebook.

To try out the new Alien: Covenant mask on Facebook, swipe right to access the camera from your Facebook app on iOS or Android.”

We look forward to seeing your terrifying selfies! Thanks to Ingwar for the news.

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I’ve heard some are having difficulty finding the feature within the Facebook app, so here are the steps:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Facebook Mobile

2. Go to your news feed

3. In the upper left corner there should be a camera icon, press that

4. Within the camera app, there should be a magic wand icon on the lower row of icons, those are the filters

5. The Alien: Covenant filter should be one of the first ones

 Alien: Covenant Photo Filter Released for Facebook Alien: Covenant Photo Filter Released for Facebook

 Alien: Covenant Photo Filter Released for Facebook





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  1. Ingwar
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Mar 28, 2017, 07:48:48 PM
    There's some sort of facebook/covenant thing going off atm. A filter or something. I've not really looked at it (currently ill and barely doing anything)

    QuoteFacebook just launched new feature Facebook Camera today, which is essentially their version of Snapchat. Swiping right from the main page in your smart phone's Facebook app opens up the camera feature, which allows you take photos of yourself and add fun filters to them. So yeah. Again, it's Snapchat. Only on Facebook. Cause Facebook wants you to stay on Facebook.

    Along with the launch, Facebook Camera just added an exclusive Alien: Covenant filter/mask, which allows you to pose for pictures with a Xenomorph. No seriously! Try it out!
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