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Genetic Memory – Influencing the Neomorphs

Neill Blomkamp may have been poised to retcon Alien 3, but it would appear that Sir Ridley Scott isn’t as willing to let the third film fade into the ether just yet! There was a time when 20th Century Fox was trying to get Ridley Scott to sit in the director’s chair for the third entry and at that time, William Gibson was working on the first drafts of the film. Gibson himself said that Ridley was tentatively attached to the direct the film while he was working on his second (and final draft) of the film.

That never came to pass though. Scott would go on to direct Black Rain and Thelma and Louise, Alien 3 would go through a tumultuous development and many more writers before finally seeing release in 1992. Scott would not return to the Alien universe until Prometheus in 2012.

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