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New Alien: Covenant Production Still

The start of March saw the release of the first set reports from various journalist’s time on the set of Alien: Covenant. Since then more set reports have been trickling out from other set visits, some with new snippets of information but a lot of it has been the same quotes from the cast and crew of Alien: Covenant.

This latest set report from News.Com.Au is largely the same but it comes with a brand new still of Katherine Waterston as Daniels and we’ve gotten our hands on a better quality version of the still.

 New Alien: Covenant Production Still

The newest Alien: Covenant still.

“Waterson is already being described as the “new Ripley”. But while clearly fit, she lacks the muscle definition of Weaver’s groundbreaking action woman.

“I wanted to be fit to be able to handle anything Ridley threw at me but I didn’t think about it aesthetically because she is not a soldier, she is a terraformist,” she says.”

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  1. Pvt. Himmel
    Translated:.    Small spoiler which confirmed by Sagardoa!!
       As soon as Demián Bichir arrived in the interview space on the set of Alien: Covenant, the message was clear: he had met one of the fearsome Aliens. After all, the actor had on his face an immense mark, caused by the iconic beings. "This mark was created by the contact with the saliva of the Alien. It started with a stain and now it is burning my face, disintegrating everything, what they have inside them is very strong, whatever it is."
    Behind all the makeup, Demian was happy. "To face the Alien is like returning to my childhood, it's a legendary character, it's like facing Al Pacino or Robert De Niro, I was speechless, I almost asked for his autograph!" He joked.
    Check below the main highlights of our interview with Demián Bichir, nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for A Better Life. It is worth remembering that Alien: Covenant will hit Brazilian cinemas on May 11.

    It is foolish to think that Demián Bichir's greatest goal in starring Alien: Covenant is the opportunity to be in a science fiction blockbuster. For him, the great attraction was working with Ridley Scott. "This sequel could have been commissioned by a studio and directed by someone else with the endorsement of Ridley Scott, but no: it's who's driving it himself.It's the master in person who's in charge! Which makes everything even more surreal to me, "he commented.
    "I do not know if I would agree to be in this movie if Ridley was not in charge, I always dream and hope to work with the best directors and actors in the world.There are many ways to be part of a science fiction, but it is not always that you are in a project Five stars like this, could not be happier, more grateful. "

    Even nine months after our visit to the Alien: Covenant set, the character played by Demián Bichir remains nameless. "My character is a highly trained military man, a sergeant prepared to fight at any moment. My objective inside the ship is to keep all the crew of this colonizing mission safe. We are lucky to find a planet that has similar conditions to ours, so we can colonize it, but we also know that we can die by trying to do that. "

    Like every Mexican actor, Demián began his career working on local soap operas. "I'm happy to have participated in all kinds of production when I was young.We all go through this, I come from a place where you have to do it for a living.It was like a training to have done all these TV programs that are really horrible, but all The great Mexican artists have gone through it.This is all part of the learning process and what is important is the path you choose to pursue in your career. "

    Since the Oscar nomination, Demián Bichir has been increasingly sought after by Hollywood productions. And he often refuses the proposals he receives. "The secret, something that many people do not know, is to say not several times." People only see the things we do, but they do not know how many times we said no, which is part of what defines an actor. A character that gives a lot of money or a blockbuster that will give a return, but life is too short.You have to do the things you love and touch your heart.It is difficult because acting is my profession.But life is simple, it is Good: the best things in life are for free.We can not make things too complicated. "

      AdoroCinema traveled to Sydney at the invitation of Fox Filmes do Brasil.       
  2. cliffhanger
    i think that what is missed in this is that we're only looking at artificial intelligence, which can mimic biological intelligence, perhaps in some areas surpass it if you will.

    however, what's the thing here is that artificial intelligence is only part of the 'problem'. ridley talks about creativity, and the thing is though, for that, you thus need artificial creativity. intelligence and creativity are not the same, and don't neccesarily need eachother. for example, an intelligent human being can lack severely in creative skills or any creativity whatsoever.
    then, a highly creative person can really lack intelligence.

    the spectrum thus doesn't stop at artificial intelligence, which science seems to be halted at for quite a while. the creativity aspect is missing, when the creativity aspect is reached, then you suddenly get a whole new world at your feet. dreams, visions, etc.

    that is exactly what ridley is talking about.
    David is an artifcial intelligent being, but he lacks the creative part as far as we have seen untill now.
    the question is, can this creative part actually be learned without the need for programming or human research?

  3. Infected
    A lot of people having problems with the thing Ridley said about, a.i. not being able to create, that hasnt been created or done before.
    If he is talking about David, or is he talking about reality?
    The question is, if a wheel wasnt invented yet, and David walked somewhere and he trips and rolls down a mountain, would his chip/brain be able to understand what happened and would he be able to come up with the idea of a wheel invention?
    If yes is the answer then he would or an a.i. would be capable of writing or rewriting his program or instructions.
    When this in reality becomes real, then you could have a Skynet thing, because when an a.i. start seeing things as in efficient and non efficient, then shit gets real.
  4. Corporal Hicks

    QuoteQ: You've said on several occasions that if the situation were to arise, you could see yourself doing more Alien films. I was wondering if that's still your feeling now?

    Ridley Scott: Oh, yeah. Well, I think this is so, dare I say, clever and violent and everything you kind of want. I think it's a cut above what's happened before and therefore will leave all kinds of things open for the next one. I enjoy doing them so much that I would like it to go on forever.

    Q: Who would you want to take over? You can't do it forever.

    Ridley Scott: I'm trying. That's why I have A.I.'s in everything, I'm trying to figure out what they do. Stick a f**king chip in you.

    Katherine Waterston: Ridley might be an A.I.

    Q: We're coming to a point when cybernetics seem like they're something that could become a part of human life very soon. Is that something that you personally would be interested in?

    Katherine Waterston: Maybe the next movie you could have an A.I. actor!

    Ridley Scott: Absolutely. But can a computer be a chess master? I'm just hoping that you can't quite replace a human being's capability. Can you have a computer write a book or write a screenplay? Or write a poem? It's always going to be very derivative and only based on what's been done and trained in different ways before. So, it's going to be a cross-collateralization ... it can only be that. Medically, it's going to be fantastic. I don't think it's going to make better movies.

    Q: Spinning off that, though, when I look at some of these films, I'm wondering if it looks at the irrelevance of humans. You've got these aliens killing us and A.I. taking over.

    Ridley Scott: Big subject in this. It's in this; that's one of the big questions. The film begins with something very interesting which sets up a platform for acknowledging what you just said and discussion. It's quite clever actually. I'm surprised.

    Q: So now that we know the Engineers really aren't the creators of humanity, are we still getting quite a few clues in Covenant? Or is everybody just running for their lives?

    Ridley Scott: No, they're metaphors for superior beings, and therefore, are their superior beings out there? I'd put your money right now on yes. Do they like us? I have no idea. Superior? Almost certainly.

    Q: I have a question for Katherine and Danny. If you could imagine your characters dropped into Ridley's original Alien, which scene would you be most interested in seeing how your character is reacting in that scene?

    Katherine Waterston: I think it's Ash's head. But it's hard to pick, man. The Chestburster.

    Ridley Scott: Ash's head was a really giant, fresh surprise during the process of the film.

    Katherine Waterston: Me, I think I would just want to be hanging out with Harry Dean Stanton and Yaphet Kotto.

    Q: People still love what you did. How does that feel... that you created something people still love? You're now a part of that legacy, and Katherine, you're part of Harry Potter too. And [Danny], you're doing Halloween; you're a part of legacies. How does that resonate in your head?

    Ridley Scott: It doesn't really. You get used to it. I can give you another answer... but no, it's fun. We're lucky to be doing this production.

    Danny McBride: Yeah, my parents think that I'm finally, like, making real movies now.

    Ridley Scott: I was an art student; my Mom said to me after my agony of being an art student... I said I'm going to go do films. She said, 'You mean you're going to waste all that time being an art student, and now you're going to do movies?'

    Q: Danny, did you get to pick out your awesome hat?

    Danny McBride: You know, that was one of Ridley's ideas from the get-go. We talked about it being like an homage to Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove. Yeah, it was easily embraced. Then it became the signs of when he's wearing it and when he's not, you know... how stressed out he is.

    Q: Is there any truth to the rumor that Katherine's character is connected to Ripley?

    Katherine Waterston: Who started that shit?

    Q: That's a really great answer! Danny, quick question... Tennessee, where did you draw your inspiration from? Or did you just say, "You know what... let's do something brand new?"

    Danny McBride: Well, you know, on the ship it's a lot of scientists and I liked the idea that in the original you had working class people and so I think that was sort of his dynamic with him... that he was a little more working class. And he gets paired up with all these scientists and brilliant people. So it was sort of like trying to figure out how he would kind of operate in that world, something advanced like that, but still bring a little salt of the Earth to it as well.

    Q: What does it take for a film to be scary?

    Ridley Scott: You know, it's the hardest thing to do. It's a lot easier to make people smile. I think we've been challenged by so much violence, super-violence, like Saw 13, so we get numb to blood and numb to brutality. And numb to inhuman behavior. Way back when I was going to do Alien, I think at that point in time there were two... three... one really serious one that scared the hell out of me. Exorcist One is a fantastic film maybe because it feels logical, feels possible. And when it's possible and logical it's always scarier.
  5. prometheusfire08
    I think a lot of people mistake ridley scott for ozzy from back in his reality show days .

    like he's just some bumbling moron sat in a chair ranting incoherently and waving his hands around , grunting as the artists , set builders and actors etc etc just interpret what he might mean , all giving each other confused looks when he is not watching them .....

    I'm more than certain ..... given how he directed Alien and Faught for the spacejockey to be built ( even having it commissioned in secret ) that Scott is more than aware that the jockey ship , pilot and chair have aesthetic differences when it comes to Alien and prometheus .......

    we have all seen the set picture that matches the ships tunnels from Alien so I think the differences in juggernaut presentation so far were intentional
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