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New Alien Actor Named – Andrew Crawford!

Earlier this week we saw the release of numerous Alien: Covenant set reports. There was a lot of great new interviews and information that was revealed in those reports. The Sydney Morning Herald recently published their own article detailing their visit to the set of Alien: Covenant and that including an interesting recounting of a suit actor gearing up to shoot scenes of the Alien:

“In a tent beside a bank of shipping containers – as scores of crew members and actors bustle around him – an alien is dressing for work.

A lean figure in a black leotard is carefully fitted with a new ribbed body. Then a long slippery head inspired by a goblin shark. Still wearing his Nike runners, he climbs onto a high bench to be fitted with two long spindly legs supported by Oscar Pistorius style blades.

As dancer Andrew Crawford magically transforms into a freaky almost-three-metre-tall sci-fi creature – complete with remote-controlled flicking tongue – legendary director-producer Ridley Scott heads over from a tent filled with four giant-screen monitors.

With his face smeared white with sunscreen and wearing a khaki hoodie marked “USCSS Covenant Crew”, the prolific filmmaker behind Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator and The Martian studies the alien and starts asking questions with a clipped English accent. “How fast can he run like that?,” he says. “How far could he run down that staircase?”

 New Alien Actor Named - Andrew Crawford!

Alien: Covenant Alien suit actor Andrew Crawford performs alongside Andrew Crawford and Charmene Yap in Interplay.

Andrew Crawford is an Australian dancer who has performed in many shows over his career. Though he isn’t well known for his work in film, he has appeared in Mao’s Last Dancer. Several days ago we also found out that Javier Botet, a regular motion capture actor in the horror genre, had done motion capture performances for Alien: Covenant.

The creature effects is something that has been talked about recently as well. The Odd Creatures team used a variety of methods and effects to bring the Alien and the Neomorphs to life in Alien: Covenant: “The creature effects department put together all kinds of versions of the various creatures, from fully-animatronic versions to classic man-in-suit costumes, and combinations of the two.” (Over 70 Things to Know about Ridley Scott’s Hard R-Rated Return to Horror)

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Comments: 15
  1. D88M
    love it, long live animatronics and suits along with just some cgi to refine everything, i love practical effects and i am sure we are gonan see some really cool stuff with them in this movie
  2. motherfather
    Well, thats encouraging for the guys who thought there might be too much cgi in the movie. I guess Andrew does the non-stunt movements, so perhaps not the windscreen scene.

    Quote from: Infected on Mar 05, 2017, 10:21:47 AM
    He would probably be the only human that could bend and arch his back spread his legs and put his ass up like a real xeno only could.

    No hate though dont get me wrong
    I'm a guy who can do that. A guy has to buy me a cocktail or two first. Lol.
  3. whiterabbit
    It all good when you use all the tools available to you. Practical, suits, puppets, miniatures, cgi; the whole damn gamut. I think the alien is a lot more man in suit than people realize. Newer, lighter materials and devices, who knows what a professional artist/dancer can do now days.
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