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Javier Botet Performed Motion Capture For Alien: Covenant?

Javier Botet performed motion capture for Alien: Covenant? The last few days have seen a sleuth of new Alien: Covenant information come to light! We’ve had the fantastic new trailer and an information overload following the release of numerous set reports.

And we’re still getting more! Bloody Disgusting noticed an Instagram post from motion capture performer Javier Botet, confirming he worked on the film!

While Botet didn’t say straight out what motion capture performances he provided for Alien: Covenant, when asked by Alien vs. Predator Galaxy if he performed for the Alien, he replied with “more than that!” We pushed on, asking if that meant he also performed as the Neomorph? Botet didn’t reply but he liked the comment.

Javier Botet is well known for his motion caption work in the horror genre. He has done performances of monsters and creatures in films such as Crimson Peak, The Conjuring 2, the various [REC] films and Mama.

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  1. SuicideDoors
    Quote from: yarko on Mar 03, 2017, 06:08:40 PM
    A few years ago I made a photo manipulation of Javier Botet as the neomorph. I thoguh he would be perfect for the role and I'm really glad that he got the job

    *added image. Hicks.

    Wow, that's so cool.

    And yeah, Javier is perfect for this. Literally my prayers have been answered getting someone like Javier in the suit. He was frickin creepy in Rec.
  2. dlb
    the things this guy can do are out of this world and I am glad to see him making fun out of his curse. When I saw some pictures last week of him performing in all kinds of suits I immediately thought of him when I saw the Alien breaking into the dropship. That definitely has to be him. Especially when you look at the flat chest area of the Alien in the trailer.

    Can't wait for the behind the scenes stuff with Javier. Tom Woodruff is a talented man by any means but Botet in that suit is beyond fascinating.

    I am truly excited about which other characters he did for the movie if any. I doubt it's the neomorph since that one is relatively small, but maybe we get to see an adult form. At least the on scene reports are telling us that we will be seeing a lot of varieties within the creatures in Covenant.
  3. D88M
    lol i was expecting my name there, i am so vain  :P, he is a great actor, is gonna be great to see him in a new generation of Alien suit, it could be fantastic and close to the original performance
  4. Enoch
    Maybe he will play certain character.... ;)

    when asked by Alien vs. Predator Galaxy if he performed for the Alien, he replied with "more than that!"
    He acted in Alien then! I heard some stories about motion capture character but thought it was just a rumor.

    Not a plain xeno role!
  5. aliennaire
    The guy who played eponymous ghost in Mama  is extremely tall and thin and capable of twisting and stretching out his limbs in a grossly inhuman way. By the look of his moves, one might say that creature in Mama was CGI-ed, whereas in fact it was played by the actor and SFX-ed in post-production. I think it's a good sign for Covenant, he could be even captured for the sequence - known from the green trailer - when Proto-Alien is breaking in the dropship. The positioning/sprawling of legs feels so weird there!
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