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Prodos Announces AvP – The Hunt Begins 2nd Edition & Wargame Rules

Prodos Games have announced the second edition of their Alien vs. Predator miniature game, The Hunt Begins. After two years, Prodos Games have been working on refining the ruleset and components of their board game:

All models have received fresh design and looks. Characters are more dynamic now and we are introducing built-in terrain bases as well.

Second Edition of AVP contains all the patches and erratas we have collected over last year of testing and collecting feedback.

You can play with your fiends in cooperative way using The Last Stand Mode from First Edition. Aim of the game is simple – destroy Spawning Points of Xenomorphs, while Horde of Aliens is trying to do what they do best. Horde is controlled by The Game, while your brave Marines Squad or Predator Pack are controlled by players.

AVP Second Edition is now in different box, in a square shape, instead of rectangular one. It will fit stacks of your favorite board games perfectly and it’s much easier to handle now.

Biggest improvement has been done with models – you can place them on board straight from the box! No assembling required, no gluing, no cutters – just open a game and play!

After you finish playing, you can assembly the game and put models back into the box without any risk of damaging them. All this thanks to protective foam we have used for miniatures.

We have spent a lot of time improving our assets, which results in new design of tiles, we are using for a game. Take a look.”

In you’ve already purchased the first edition of The Hunt Begins and aren’t in the market to purchase a brand new copy of the game, Prodos are also putting out an upgrade pack that consists of the new rulebook, updated cards and tokens. AvP: The Hunt Begins 2nd Edition is due for release on the 17th of March.

In addition to the second edition of Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins, Prodos Games have also announced AvP: Unleashed, the expanded wargame ruleset. AvP: Unleashed allows you to take your models from the board game and into a wider arena of combat (similar to the set-up of Warhammer).

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