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Fred Dekker Talks Working On The Predator

Fred Dekker talks working on The Predator in a new interview with Moxie Sozo. Dekker isn’t able to give any massive updates on The Predator, re-iterating some of the points he’s previously spoken about.

Dekker was able to talk a little about how he’s found working on The Predator. When asked what it was like working within an existing franchise Dekker said:

“It’s easier in the sense that you don’t have to start with a blank page. The genre, the tone, and a lot of the specifics of the mythology are already established, so to a degree you’re free to paint a new picture with the existing colors. The downside is, sequels, reboots and remakes have historically had a tough go of it, creatively—and the new, rabid internet fan base makes it even harder.

The hardcore fans have their Shurikens sharpened (that’s a Predator weapon, by the way), just waiting for you to fail. So it’s a double-edge Shuriken: You want to do something new and fresh with the concept, but not alienate the core fan base who have a pre-set idea of what they want. It’s a tricky tightrope walk, for sure.

Ultimately, however, the worst thing for the creative process is a fear of failure, so we’re trying not to second-guess ourselves and go with our gut instincts. We’re making the Predator movie we want to see.”

 Fred Dekker Talks Working On The Predator

Fred Dekker talks working on The Predator in a new interview with Moxie Sozo. Artwork by Bayard Wu.

Fred Dekker also spoke a little about his ongoing involvement with the writing process, saying that he’d been working closely alongside Shane Black to ensure the script was specific to the casting and the shooting locations:

“I’ve been traveling to and from Vancouver to tailor the script to cast, locations, and budget requirements. So yes, it’s a fluid process.

Shane is really great about keeping me close as a sounding board, but at the same time I’m not the director, so if there are huge mistakes in the movie, I can always just blame him.”

And Dekker rounded off the The Predator part of conversation with this tidbit: “It has healthy doses of the trademark Shane Black wise-ass dialogue, foul language, and breathless action.

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