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Michael Fassbender Talks David’s Character Development

Michael Fassbender talks David’s character development in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal Speakeasy blog. Fassbender fields some questions about David’s progression as a character from Prometheus to Alien: Covenant, explaining that:

“I knew that David was the idea of a prototype, and what would happen if you could have a robot that could essentially have human traits to it? That vanity was there with David, and that was an interesting characteristic to play with, within an AI or android or synthetic or robot. I knew that I could have a lot of fun with that. There’s also a neediness to him, there’s also very much a butler element to him, a need to please. There were a lot of things there that were ambiguous in terms of what his motivations were, and that’s always something fun to play with. So that now, as I said, he’s evolved. Those characteristics were set, so now let’s see what happens to them years later when they come upon him again.

That was definitely the upsetting thing for I think other members of the crew — the fact that he had these human traits as opposed to a very sort of logical, straightforward robot that is there to serve. There’s an element to David which is very self-serving.”

 Michael Fassbender Talks David's Character Development

Michael Fassbender explains that David has developed more human traits since Prometheus.

Fassbender also talks a little about his other character, Walter, reaffirming what he previously said about Walter being an updated model.

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