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Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death #2 Preview Online

Dark Horse Comics has updated their website with the preview for the upcoming second issue of the Alien vs. Predator chapter of the Life and Death series:

“The Alien horde is coming, but before they face that enemy, the Colonial Marines and Ahab, their Predator ally, have to win the help of a newly arrived Predator clan. Acceptance by the tribe means Ahab must fight their champion—to the death!”

 Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death #2 Preview Online

Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death #2 is due for release on the 25th of January. Dark Horse also recently added a preview for the next issue of Aliens: Defiance. The 9th issue of Defiance is also due for release on the 25th of January.

Thanks to Ultramorph and Russ840 for the news.

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  1. Ultramorph
    Issue #2 came in today, and even though I haven't read it, I have looked through it, and it looks pretty cool.
    I agree with Hicks, making Ahab shorter than the other Preds is simple but effective at making him the underdog. They can also get away with it because we've never actually seen him in shot with other Prefs before.

    I also really like designs of the xenos. Thies does a better job than Moritat at making the black goo aliens look bizarre, but not cartoony. That last page is also such a cool image. The wave of aliens coming toward the pyramid has me excited for the next issue.
  2. Corporal Hicks
    Really enjoyed #2. Ahab is so awesome. Loved how they made him look shorter than the other Preds. Don't remember him being portrayed like that in Fire and Stone but I liked it, worked as him being a bit of an underdog.

    I do agree with Buddy in regards to the
    fight scene. Would have liked the fight to have been a little clearer but I'm still digging on Thies artwork. And that end! Everyone is totally screwed.
  3. 426Buddy
    New issue was pretty sweet, I enjoyed it mostly.

    Some panels look really great but Ahab's face goes from okay to mushy blur quite a bit.

    The duel was pretty cool but the art is a little sloppy. The aliens showing up at the end was okay but they still look goofy. There was quite an army of them.
    Though a shame for fans that this new comic line is no tied in continuity with the previous Dark Horses Aliens vs Predator comic of the 90's and so forth, its fascinating how they'd throw an acknowledgment to the concurring movies, we may see references to Alien Covenant in a future comic line after the movie has come out, though chances are slim once The Predator has been released in 2018 there maybe a comic issue referencing the events of that movie.
  5. happypred
    Looks interesting

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