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Pokémon Gone – Gotta kill ’em all! – Predator Fan Film

Here’s something to wet your whistle before the new Predator sequel comes out next year. I’m sure we all remember the Pokémon Go phenomenon over last Summer – I was obsessed with the game for months on end. Anyway, last year two guys called Tim Osgood and Adam Martin came up with the idea to do a Predator/Pokemon crossover fan film. They started storyboarding and searching for locations and props. After buying some Predator hands on Amazon, the guys set off to Cannock Chase woods in Staffordshire, England and filmed there for two days. They finally finished editing and released it this week under the Film Hounds banner – Pokémon Gone – Gotta kill ’em all!. Check it out below:

The film is around three and a half minutes long and shows the Predator playing Pokémon Go in a forest, hunting a Pikachu. Two guys are later tracking some Pokémon and come across them hanging upside down from a tree. I thought the fan film was a great – extremely faithful to the Predator series. The editing, camera work and visual effects are all extremely well done. It’s really amazing what you can get done on a small budget and with a bit of talent.

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  1. Whiskeybrewer
    I loved this. It was brilliant.

    Only two bug bares, yes the Vision should have been thermal, but with a limited budget i know how difficult that would have been, so that i dont mind. But i would have loved for Pikachu to be charging up Electricity as the Predator ran towards him. Would have been a great shot

    Ive never seen Cannock Chase look so good lol
  2. PRJ_since1990
    Excellent visual effects and sounds! Now imagine if they hadn't off'ed the little cute ones and gone after the big ones like Charizard. That would be an interesting fight. Have we even seen something like that? Predator vs. Dragon?! Anyways, great find. I liked the video.
  3. Darkness
    I spoke to the guys who made it and they said it was filmed over two days in Cannock Chase woods in Staffordshire last year. I agree, definitely one of the better fan films we've had. Cracking visual effects.
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