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Jed Kurzel is Alien: Covenant’s New Composer!

Jed Kurzel is Alien: Covenant’s new composer! Back in November, we reported that Harry Gregson-Williams would no longer be scoring Alien: Covenant. And we didn’t know who would be stepping up to fill the vacant position.

Today’s teaser trailer changed that and confirmed that Australian composer, Jed Kurzel, would now be scoring Alien: Covenant. Jed Kurzel is an Australian singer-songwriter-guitarist and has been composing for films since 2000.

 Jed Kurzel is Alien: Covenant's New Composer!

Jed Kurzel is Alien: Covenant’s new composer!

He hasn’t worked with Sir Ridley Scott before but Kurzel has scored two of Michael Fassbender’s films – Macbeth and most recently Assassin’s Creed. Kurzel has also worked in the horror genre before, providing the score for The Babadook in 2014.

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  1. Le Celticant
    Quote from: Darkness on Dec 25, 2016, 09:58:48 AM
    "Creative Differences" will be the official line. Which I find strange considering he's very experienced and worked with Scott on Martian.

    Yet it's the most logical reason.
    Director's do a film every year when they're very active or every 2 - 4 years when it's longer project (or finding money is an issue).
    While on the other side, actors, composer, assistant director, DP, editor, blablabla do sometimes more than 10 films a year to make a living.
  2. Protozoid
    This will be the fourth Fassbender film he's scored, after Slow West, Macbeth, and Assassin's Creed.

    I liked his scores for Babadook and Macbeth, but I think he's a step down from Gregson-Williams.
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