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HeyUGuys Asks James Franco About Alien: Covenant

Chatting to James Franco and Brian Cranston about their upcoming comedy Why Him?, HeyUGuys took the opportunity to ask James Franco about the casting bombshell Alien vs. Predator Galaxy dropped earlier in the month.

“During our interview with James Franco and Bryan Cranston for Why Him?, our man James Kleinmann asked the actor to comment on rumours he’s been cast in Ridley Scott’s Alien sequel. Clearly his surprised reaction says quite a bit (and hints at a carefully worded NDA) but this is the first time Franco has commented on his casting. Also – having Bryan Cranston as a commentator on the question is a lot of fun.”

Franco is visibly surprised at the question and asks “the news is out, I guess?” and all but confirms that he will indeed be making an appearance as we recently reported. He is unable to talk about more but Franco does talk a little about watching Alien when he was younger.

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