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Limited Edition Alien & Predator Prints by Legendary Den Beauvais

Aliens: Nightmare Asylum (also known as Aliens: Volume 2) published by Dark Horse Comics in 1989 as a four-issue limited series has come to be revered as one of the finest Aliens comic book series in history.  The popularity of the book is largely a direct result of the exquisitely detailed, vibrant, and lavishly airbrushed artwork of fan-favorite artist Den Beauvais.  It is a true testament to the brilliant talent of Den Beauvais that those four issues still capture the imagination of Aliens fans in ways that have not been matched in the 28 years since their release.

Other than a series of short stories titled, Aliens: Countdown, which were published in a promotional publication named Dark Horse Insider in 1990, and the occasional comic book covers, there have been no new Aliens comic books featuring the distinctive art of Den Beauvais released since that era.

While many fans continue to hope for more Aliens works from Den Beauvais, Alien vs. Predator Galaxy recently caught up with him and will be conducting an interview for our members.  Moreover, this is an opportunity for fans to ask their own questions to this Aliens comic book legend.

Alien and Predator prints by the legendary Den Beauvais are available for purchase via Escape Collectibles. Limited Edition Alien & Predator Prints by Legendary Den Beauvais

Alien and Predator prints by the legendary Den Beauvais are available for purchase via Escape Collectibles.

In the meantime, Alien vs. Predator Galaxy would like to inform you that there are limited edition Den Beauvais prints available exclusively through Escape Collectibles.  All of the prints are personally signed by Den Beauvais.  There are over 30 prints in the series spanning Den Beauvais’ career and the series includes 3 Aliens prints and 1 Predator print.

So check out the prints by Den Beauvais, and provide us with your questions for Den Beauvais down below or in this thread on the Alien vs. Predator Galaxy forums!

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  1. robbritton
    I would like to ask if he had any reference points outside of the first two films for his ship, base and gun designs? They remain some of the most logical extensions of the Cameron aesthetic within the comics. I'm particularly interested in the fighter ships which appear to be bombing the earth city the little girl and her grandfather are hiding in. Always thought they were really brilliant!

    Oh, and would he ever consider coming back to Aliens.

    Mainly just thanks for being so inspiring to me when I first picked up the UK Trident reprints! I learned to draw Aliens by copying him!
  2. Perfect-Organism
    I have to admit that the possibility of getting some of these art works in 13" x 19" is very cool.  That would really fill some wall space in a significant way.  The fact that the classic blue cover of Aliens vol.2 #2 is included in this series is quite fantastic (as per the link below).  That was my favorite cover in the series.  Though I wish the cover of Aliens vol. 2 #1 was also available.
  3. Wey-Yu PMC Goon
    I have two questions for Den Beauvais, who did you base the original look for Newt off? How much did you enjoy drawing up Michael Biehn and at the end Sigourney Weaver knowing you could use both off there likenesses?
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