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NECA Announces Prometheus Series 4: The Lost Wave

NECA have made a surprise announcement today in the way of Prometheus Series 4: The Lost Wave. NECA will be releasing long-requested 7″ figures of Shaw (Noomi Rapace), Vickers (Charlize Theron) and Mutated Fifield (Sean Harris) in April 2017. Series 3 of Prometheus was released way back in 2013 and was initially going to include Shaw and Fifield in the line.

Some prototypes were in fact shown off but the Prometheus line wasn’t selling particularly well and NECA ditched them in favour of producing more cheaper Engineer variants. The new character figures look exactly the same as the 2013 prototypes though. Vickers comes with a Flamethrower and removable helmet, Shaw has her axe, helmet and David’s head and lastly Fifield has his torch and helmet.

Shaw Shaw
Shaw Shaw
Vickers Vickers
Vickers Vickers
Fifield Fifield
Fifield Fifield

I guess the hype for Alien Covenant has renewed NECA’s interest in the Prometheus line. As previously announced, NECA will be producing some specific Alien Covenant figures to tie in with the upcoming film too. Look out for those next year.

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  1. windebieste
    I am so looking forward to seeing these released.  What a great way to round out the series.  And yes.  'PROMETHEUS' Series 3 was a little uninspiring. 

    Looking forward to seeing wot NECA's 'Covie' figures have to offer.  A quarter scale neomorph, maybe..?  Oh, my! wouldn't that be fun!

  2. Monstuh
    I couldn't be happier. I desperately wanted these figures to hit the shelf. I even bought that throwaway series 3 hoping it would help these get produced. I'm glad NECA has seen fit to release them finally.
  3. Monstuh
    Any guess as to why NECA is even releasing these at all?

    I wonder if these will still be packaged under the Alien: Covenant banner and be the first series of the line. Considering when they are scheduled to be released, I am thinking NECA wants to hide their Covenant creature figures until the movie has been out for a few months so as not to spoil anything. That way they can use the hype of Covenant to push these figures first. Just a wild guess.
  4. Corporal Hicks
    I think it's great NECA are putting these out. I know folk have been asking for a while. The upcoming release of Covenant seems like a better time than any.

    I'll likely not get them though as I'm not a massive fan of the human figures. Might get the Fifield one though - that looks pretty cool.
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