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AvPGalaxy Exclusive: Guy Pearce Returns for Alien: Covenant!

Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender aren’t Alien: Covenant’s only returning actors from Prometheus. Alien vs. Predator Galaxy can exclusively reveal that Guy Pearce will be returning to appear in Alien: Covenant! Beware following story spoilers!

We have learnt that Guy Pearce will be reprising his role as a slightly younger Peter Weyland during the film’s opening scenes. The current edit of Alien: Covenant begins with David 8 being brought online in a large white room with a grand view overlooking an ocean.

A younger, but still somewhat aged, Weyland asks David various questions to test him. We eventually move to David performing Richard Wagner’s Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla, explaining the meaning of the piece as he plays.

Alien vs. Predator Galaxy can exclusively reveal that Guy Pearce will be returning to portray Peter Weyland once again in Alien: Covenant!

David explains that it is about God’s abandoning their creations due their displeasure with their creation’s greed and vanity, only to realise that the Gods themselves sharing the same flaws. This leads to David and Peter discussing Gods and creations and human mortality which strikes a chord with Weyland (a tip of the hat to his motivation in Prometheus).

Guy Pearce previously spoke about returning to play Weyland again back in 2014, saying how much he would like to return to Weyland and to work with Ridley again: I’d love to go back and play that character again. To work for Ridley again, you know, he’s great — really wonderful to work for. So yeah, I’m very curious to see what he will do next with it.”

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