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Dark Horse Announces Aliens: Dead Orbit!

Dark Horse announces Aliens: Dead Orbit in a new interview released on Comic Book Resources. Dead Orbit will be both written and illustrated by James Stokoe who is best known for his original creation Orc Stain.

“’Dead Orbit’ mostly takes place on the space station Sphacteria in a rather forgotten and secluded area of space. It’s a pretty ragged, worn looking setting. [The Xenomorphs] are definitely not there to give the space station crew a helping hand, so I’d say they’re as much of an antagonist as an unknowable monster can be. I don’t really consider them to be that sinister; they just have a very violent, predatory life cycle which sucks if you’re a human and happen to be their neighbor.”

Dark Horse announces Aliens: Dead Orbit, a four issue series due for release Alien Day 2017. Dark Horse Announces Aliens: Dead Orbit!

Dark Horse announces Aliens: Dead Orbit, a four issue series due for release Alien Day 2017.

Stokoe talks to CBR about the direction he is taking with Aliens: Dead Orbit, discussing the challenge of no sound in comic and the visual aspects of the series:

“The narrative bounces between pre and post alien attack on the station,” he said. “I’m having to draw the same settings in various states of disarray, but still keep it recognizable, which has been a bit of a challenge with all the million little pipes and terminals and whatnot. It’s definitely a big departure from the ‘Orc Stain’ environments, but more technical sci-fi stuff is always fun to draw.”

The interview includes several pages of preview artwork from Aliens: Dead Orbit and I have to say I’m getting quite an Alien vibe from it. Stokoe’s style is very reminiscent of some of Alien’s concept artists, specifically Ron Cobb and Mobius!

06102016_09 Dark Horse Announces Aliens: Dead Orbit!

Aliens: Dead Orbit is currently due for release April 26th (Alien Day), 2017. Thanks to Ultramorph for the news!

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  1. Morose
    The Comic's illustration appear similar to those of the older comics. Though I agree with the predatory aspect of the xenomorph, I think regarding them as simply dangerous animals doesn't do them justice.
  2. Nostromo
    Oh shit, I just saw this and wet myself. Thanks Dark Horse. You made my day.

    I'm really liking this James Stokoe guy! Dark Horse seems to be listening or just hiring the right people for Aliens.

    Love the sound of this!!:

    "Dead Orbit’ mostly takes place on the space station Sphacteria in a rather forgotten and secluded area of space".

    Give me dark space, an Alien and space stations all day any day! This is going to be a good one, liking his art too.

  3. Ultramorph
    Half Century War was fantastic. I'm loving the art on this, and it's nice to see that Dark Horse is still committed to making stand-alone Aliens comics. Also cool to see more of the old comics getting re-released!

    Also, on a continuity note, 2295 CE puts us basically right in the middle between A3 and Resurrection, and 70 years past Life and Death. I wonder if we'll ever get far enough ahead to get a comic where the USM are the antagonists?
  4. Kurai

    I'm loving that cover. :D

    They really seem to be milking the Isolation inspiration cow as much as they can with the way station and such, and I couldn't be happier.

    Stokoe, of course, has no intention of bringing a frankfurter to a pulse rifle fight.
  5. Russ840
    Great time to be a fan thats for sure!

    Cant wait for this!  :D

    (I saw that about Vol. 2, god I hope its a fancy pantz hard cover!!!!)

    Me too. It's gotta have countdown as well, if it is, surely

    If Vol. 2 & Countdown get a enlarged hardcover anniversary edition like Vol. 1 did, I will be crazy happy.

    I am crossing my fingers.

    Now all I need is an AVP original series, remastered, fancy pants and my world will be complete lol
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