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Updated: Round Up! Shane Black Talks The Predator

We have already covered some select interviews but as he continues on the press junket promoting The Nice Guys, Shane Black has done a couple of other interviews in which The Predator gets mentioned and he divulges some small pieces of information. This article is intended to round up those smaller pieces.

In a video interview with HitFix, Shane Black talks about returning to that feeling of mystery that often gets left behind in sequels and compares this to the Alien series:  “Taking the Predator, which has lost some of that mystery, and trying to re-engage it with that or re-immerse it in the feeling we had with Close Encounters of discovery. Something is happening, we don’t know what. There’s an incursion, there’s been a breach, something has come to Earth and there’s a mystery to be solved. I think that’s kind of important for a Predator movie. It’s not just “hey, another one! Honey, there’s a Predator in the barn again. Could you just…he’s at the pigs again…could you?” There’s that sense of we’ve seen it, we’ve seen it. How do you make it feel like a scary new alien invasion movie again?” 

Shane Black further emphasized his desire to return a feeling of mystery to his Predator sequel when chatting Uproxx, where he said that “you have to go in punching. You have to hit it hard and you have to hit it with the strongest characters you can find and re-establish the sense of mystery and adventure and freshness that the first one had.

Talking to CraveOnline, Black divulges some interesting tidbits, one of which hint at The Predator exploring deeper into the Predator culture. When the interviewer commented on the intelligence of the Predator and there being some unseen Predator engineers and scientists, Black commented: “It’s addressed in the movie.”

CraveOnline asked about the relevance of the title The Predator to which Black responded “there is a reference in the script as to why that makes sense but I’m not really supposed to talk about it.”

Talking to Uproxx about The Predator, Shane Black said he wanted to "re-establish the sense of mystery and adventure and freshness that the first one had." Round Up! Shane Black Talks The Predator

Talking to Uproxx about The Predator, Shane Black said he wanted to “re-establish the sense of mystery and adventure and freshness that the first one had.”

Shane Black also spoke a little more about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s possible inclusion with the Happy Sad Confused Podcast (around the 37 minute mark) saying that “I think that there’s one of two ways we can go: either we use Schwarzenegger or we don’t. And there’s advantages to using him and there’s a story to be told if we don’t.”

Confusing the matter a little, Black then stated that they had already made a choice as to the direction they would be taking the story. “We made a choice that I think is cool. We’ll see what happens.”

I would like to address a rumour that was circulated around social media yesterday and that is that The Rock has been reading Shane Black’s The Predator script. This is unconfirmed. In the caption for a photo he posted on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson said that “I’m reading an outline for a cool movie I’ll make in 2017 (with director Shane Black).

It is possible that Johnson maybe referring to The Predator (his name has come up in conjunction with Predator films many times over the year), it is more likely that this is in relation to another Shane Black project, Doc Savage. Black has spoken about his desire to involve Johnson with that project. This remains unconfirmed for the minute though.

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Updated 19/05/2016 – Empire hosted an early showing of The Nice Guys with a Q&A with Shane Black and Joel Silver after where Shane Black revealed the name of the main character in The Predator: “The hero of the film, the name I’ve given the guy, is Quinn McKenna.” Alien vs. Predator Galaxy member HuDaFuK was in attendance at the Q&A and he shared that Shane Black had also implied that the film would have a considerably longer runtime than the typical 90 minutes.

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  1. overthere
    I love his enthusiasm.

    QuoteI'm just having a ball. I'm getting more excited by the day, 30 years later working on this damn thing. Who would have thought when we started out and they were saying 'Geez the costume doesn't work - throw this back to Winston and let him save the day!" Eight weeks later "I don't know, looks like dreadlocks to me!" Suddenly it's the most iconic costume ever. It's the most iconic movie ever. It's lasted 30 years and here I am god blessedly making a... it's just unbelievable to me.

    But he keeps referring to Predators as they're set in the future. Someone should straighten him out.

    Though he could deliberately PUSH them into future, since nothing really says it's 2010. in Predators.
  2. HuDaFuK
    He didn't do any rewrites on the script. He's said so himself. He adamantly refused to rewrite the script when asked to do so. The only parts he "wrote" were his own jokes.
  3. Corporal Hicks
    It was one of the reasons they hired him - as a bit of a "oh, he's a writer too. He can help them on the script" but he wasn't interested in doing that. He said he didn't do anything to it. He's talked about it in some of the press for The Nice Guys though I can't remember which one.
  4. Hudson
    I haven't been following the press for this film too closely, but has anyone at all asked him how he's approaching this movie based on his super-clandestine-insider role within the production of the first film? Maybe it's irrelevant, but I'd definitely ask him how his outlook on The Predator is effected by his experience being hired to write an unused draft of the original film, and then to keep an eye on the inexperienced John McTiernan and report back to the big boys. Am I off base here? I was under the impression that Joel Silver hired him for this reason. I find it humorous that he's now in the position of directing a Predator film after working on the first one to essentially spy on the director, and I just think it'd be an interesting question for one of these media journalists to ask that isn't another variant of "omg what's the new one going to be like!?"...and so of course it probably won't get asked or even researched I'm sure.
  5. Corporal Hicks
    I don't know how serious he was about it but he spoke about that trend in the Empire podcast. He said something to the effect of now people are well aware of it and look for it, he might just stop doing it. He doesn't want it to become some kind of joke.
  6. Johnny Handsome
    Nothing new:

    QuoteWhile speaking to London Live's brand new programme, London Film Club, Black revealed his vision for the upcoming take on the classic franchise; which has already been touted as a canonical sequel, though there's hope it will manage to utterly reinvent the classic franchise.
    Read more
    The Nice Guys review: Irreverence and originality in droves

    "Back in the original, there was a real sense of mystery, I thought," Black stated. "And discovery, when this thing came to Earth. Then it sort of became over the years, with the iconic makeup - you could almost find a good-looking Predator by going to Comic Con - it had lost its lustre; in the sense that it was no longer mysterious in the way the alien in Ridley Scott's first Alien was mysterious."

    "If we could even capture half of that creepiness that he had and, also, keep some of the humour of the first one, too; I'm just keeping the torch for what I think was the better version. This one's supposed to feel like: get your tickets a month in advance, you know its coming, it's exciting to you in the way hopefully that Prometheus or the Alien prequel will be."

    "So, we're trying to up the stakes that way; just making it full of ideas and mystery," he concluded.
  7. overthere
    I like the sound of "why are they here? maybe their agendas changed..."

    Though I hope it doesn't turn into Aliens in a sense that there's a lot of Predators dying like flies. Shane did say it's not about 50 Predators riding a bike, so I guess it won't be like that.
  8. Johnny Handsome
    Quote from: Johnny Handsome on May 31, 2016, 06:46:46 AM

    Fred Dekker Podcast. I can't listen to it at the moment, i'm at work, but maybe he talks Predator?

    Listened to it now, starts at 1:22:30, nothing new really. Script is done, they are budgeting and casting at the moment. They really want to explore the Predator more, why are they here? And maybe the Predator's goals/agendas have changed.

    He says when the first Predator is Alien, the new one will be Aliens. It will not be contained, there will be lots of characters with different ideologies with a lot of locations.
  9. Corporal Hicks
    Nothing new:

    QuoteShane, you're working on The Predator next – does the series need rehabilitating after the Alien vs Predator films?

    Black: "I think there's a sense that Fox has been putting these films out as fodder – not bad movies but modest budgets with a guaranteed return every few years. There's not a lot of fanfare or a sense that they're being event-ised. They're not a memorable experience you save for the summer. I think that Ridley with Prometheus and his Alien prequel, that's the kind of event status we need to reinstate for The Predator."
    I saw The Nice Guys, didn't really like it too much. Some few laughs but I expected to like more. I laughed more watching Crazy Stupid Love who also had Ryan Gossling. Wasn't boring at all just I expected to laugh more and be more entertained. That's just my opinion.

    I will say though I like how Shane Black doesn't use Shakey Cam at all. That was definitely a good thing. Not one time was there shaky cam in the movie

    One thing I really loved about Predators was that it had a lot of comedy but it comes from the characters which is the best way to bring comedy into a movie and add some levity to it because you need that. Not one thing felt too outlandish. I will always love that film. People can call it a remake or even a carbon copy. One things for sure I will always think it is so BADASS.
  11. Preda-Nate-Or
    "Something is happening, we don't know what. There's an incursion, there's been a breach, something has come to Earth and there's a mystery to be solved."

    This quote here made my spidey sense tingle, ok so if the setting is on Earth then yeah big let down for a Predator movie to be in space or another planet but "incursion or breach?" That would be pretty interesting if he went down the route of "Bad Blood"?.
    I doubt Blacks gone and taken ideas from the comics or novels but i feel like if he did and uses the best of them for this movie, then it will be very interesting to tie in with Shane's Comment on:
    "CraveOnline asked about the relevance of the title The Predator to which Black responded "there is a reference in the script as to why that makes sense but I'm not really supposed to talk about it." Relevence of the title "The Predator?" does the mean the first Predator as in "Jungle Predator"?, Could it be a prequel? Or is this a full blown "Yeah this is where the Predators evolved from!" story? I hope they do a better idea for a Predator home planet than they did in AvP2 to me it just was'nt what i expected.

    The idea of Arnold in the movie would be amazing but i feel like if they did we would have to accept the fact he's not the same Dutch from the first movie he's going to be more Bruce Wayne in "Dawn of Justice" and thats IF the movie is based in the present. Either way seeing Arnie in another Predator movie would be epic! but if not and the story is better without him in the movie then thats ok with me. The mystery of what happened to Dutch still annnoys me and if it was explained then that would be cool but a more in depth look to the origins or at least home planet of Predators that is also a win.

    I cant wait to hear more about the movie, my apologies for the endless typing.
  12. overthere
    So we heard a few pieces of information from Shane, but what's up with Fred Dekker? He's been really quiet lately.

    Edit: Just checked his Facebook. Found this post:

    QuoteBefore we're allowed to make THE PREDATOR, you have to go see this first. I don't make up the rules, that's just how it works. Starts today at a (porno) theater near you.

    Glad to see they're both excited about it.
  13. overthere
    Quote from: ROYCE_THE_PREDATOR on May 21, 2016, 05:34:55 PM
    Does anyone know how to possibly get back the music that was playing on The Predators 2010 Website years ago? It was such awesome scary intense music! Really badass! I went on the Predators 2010 Japan Website its still up and there is music on there that is really good and similar but its not the one I'm looking for. I doubt it will be on Youtube or anything but I really do miss that score.

    Try the "wayback machine" Type in the URL and find the year.
    Does anyone know how to possibly get back the music that was playing on The Predators 2010 Website years ago? It was such awesome scary intense music! Really badass! I went on the Predators 2010 Japan Website its still up and there is music on there that is really good and similar but its not the one I'm looking for. I doubt it will be on Youtube or anything but I really do miss that score.
  15. lbeams
    I think it's quite possible that there is another type of extraterrestrial in this film. Definitely going to be something we've never seen before.
  16. Johnny Handsome
    People are reading way too much into his comments, like the Alien Invasion thing.

    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on May 20, 2016, 12:02:01 PM
    I think he means in terms of getting people interested again.

    Say what you will about Prometheus, but it kickstartet the Alien Franchise again in a big budget way and regained interest in the property, and that's what it's all about. There is nothing worse for a Studio than a franchise that sits unused in a jug while it could make money. Now, they reboot/re-dust/Remake/continue every Franchise that once was popular, might as well put some effort into it.

    I like that Black is really ambitious about it, he's no Tom Rothman who said "f**k the fans, we already have their Money" but he really wants to bring greatness to the table.
  17. overthere
    I'm a little worried he said this movie will be "in a same way Ridley summoning Alien in Prometheus". I hope this doesn't turn out to be a movie that's about a Predator, but behind the curtains, while the rest of the story and investigation happens without the Predator actually being there. If Prometheus was Alien in spirit, I wouldn't want a Predator in spirit.
  18. Johnny Handsome
    You know, they basically always said in the past when a new movie was on the way "Maybe we'll have Arnold" and i always went like "this is not really gonna happen, only fan speculation", but this is the first time i really have a good Feeling that Arnold may end up in another Predator movie, after 31 years. Man, i'm a kid again.
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