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Updated: Happy Alien Day! Giveaways, Merchandise, Cinema Roundup

Today is officially Alien Day! April 26th – a throwback to the planet LV-426 where the characters discover the crashed Derelict Spacecraft in Alien and Aliens. Throughout the day, those lucky people in the US can take part in a 24-hour Twitter event where fans can test their Alien knowledge and win some awesome prizes. Heaps of companies will be offering lots of Alien merchandise today including the Reebok Alien Stompers which won’t take very long to sell out as well as the Alien Out of the Shadows audio drama which I’m personally looking forward to.

Later in the evening, cinema chains across the US and UK will be playing both Alien and Aliens as a double bill. We’ll be sure to keep this post updated throughout the day for any new things that pop up.


  • US: The @AlienAnthology twitter is giving away amazing prizes throughout the day.
  • US/Canada: Don’t Forget a Towel is giving away some Titan figures.
  • US: Follow boxlunchgifts on instagram, and repost & tag this image to win some mini Alien figures.
  • UK: Forbidden Planet is giving away some Titan books and merchandise.
  • UK: AvPGalaxy is also running a NECA Aliens figures competition.
  • ToyChestNews are offering an Alien Egg Bank to a newsletter subscriber.
  • ArtAsylum are offering a variety of DiamondSelect Alien merchandise.
  • SF Signal are giving away 5 copies of the latest novel in The Rage Wars, Alien: Invasion.
  • UK/US: Titan Books are giving away several books and vinyl figures via Twitter.
reebok-alien-stomper-mid-shoebox-01 Happy Alien Day! Giveaways, Merchandise, Cinema Roundup

Reebok Alien Stompers


  • The Reebok Alien Stompers have been sold out everywhere. You can find them on ebay for pretty high prices though.
  • The Aliens vs. Pinball pack for Zen Pinball is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PSN, Steam, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android.
  • Tim Lebbon’s Alien Invasion: The Rage War 2 is available to buy on
  • Dark Horse is releasing an oversized hardcover edition of the original Aliens series. Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comics Series is now available on and
  • Alien: Out of the Shadows Audio Drama is available to buy on and We have an interview with Dirk Maggs, producer of the audio drama. Audible have also released a short teaser video to promote the drama. Den of Geek have published an interview with Rutger Hauer about his work on the project.
  • An Alien Derelict Spaceship Statue is available to pre-order on Hollywood Collectibles for $500.
  • The Aliens 30th Anniversary Loot Crate is now accepting orders.
  • The standard edition of Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report is finally available to purchase on
  • Fright Rags will have an exclusive Aliens T-Shirt limited to 426 items.
  • Super 7 will have a Nostromo 3-pack featuring Kane, Lambert and Dallas figures, an Alien vinyl carry case with an Alien figure and lastly, an Alien Queen Molten Silver Gray vinyl figure. They’ll be available in Super 7 stores across the US and later in the evening online.
  • Mondo have heaps of Alien exclusive merchandise including T-Shirts and art prints. Most interestingly, they’re offering liquid-filled LPs of the original Aliens soundtrack.
  • Dark Bunny Tees are offering Aliens-themed T-Shirts and a Bag.
  • As previously announced, NECA’s Ripley Kenner Tribute figure is available at Toys ‘r Us stores.
  • The Diamond Select Toys Aliens Deluxe Minimates pack is now available. An awesome promotional animation for the pack by Alex Kropinak has also been released!
  • Sideshow Collectibles have released a new video showing their upcoming Alien King statue.
  • HiyaToys will be releasing Corporal Hicks and Power-Loader figures.
  • Kotobukiya have revealed their Alien 3 Dog Alien Statue.
  • The Toy Sapiens store in Tokyo, Japan have lots of Alien displays to celebrate Alien Day.
  • NECA and Carrie Henn revealed the upcoming SDCC-exclusive Newt figure. NECA also teased their Vasquez figure.
  • Dave Dorman and Udon announced the release of Alien Visions, a hardback art book.

See Alien & Aliens at the Cinema

  • US: Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens will available to watch as a double bill at various cinema locations across the US via Alamo Drafthouse. You’ll also find lots of exclusive Aliens merchandise there.
  • UK: In the UK, Cineworld and Vue theatres across the country begin showing them at 7PM UK Time.
  • Australia: For those of you near Melbourne, the Astor theatre will be showing Alien/Aliens tonight.
Alien Day! Happy Alien Day! Giveaways, Merchandise, Cinema Roundup

Happy Alien Day!

Are any of you guys out there buying anything Alien related or going to the cinema later?

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