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Updated: AvPGalaxy Alien Day Competition – Win NECA Aliens Figures!

Want to win some NECA Aliens figures in our competition? AvPGalaxy Alien Day Competition - Win NECA Aliens Figures!

Want to win some NECA Aliens figures in our competition?

Update 3/5/16: The winners have been drawn and they are ‏@Jedi_Clare and @thomasaevans. Both entries were via Twitter.

We have a special treat for you in celebration of Alien Day tomorrow! Thanks to Retro & Collectables and their alien memorabilia section, we’re giving away some awesome NECA Aliens figures. This is a UK only competition. The first winner will receive the towering 15″ Queen Alien and a severed Bishop figure while the second winner will receive the magnificent 11″ Power Loader and Ripley figure. All you have to do is tell us what your favourite scene in James Cameron’s Aliens was.

You can read below for the different ways to enter.

Winner 1:

Winner 2:

Competition Question: What was your favourite scene in James Cameron’s Aliens?

There are three ways to enter:

  1. Members can reply to this news post/forum thread with your answer.
  2. Please share this facebook post with your friends and reply with your answer on there.
  3. Retweet this tweet and reply to it with your answer using hashtag #AlienDay426

People can enter in either channel for bonus entries so a user can have a maximum of three entries. The two winners will be drawn randomly after the competition closes in a week. Many thanks to Retro & Collectables for partnering with us for this fantastic giveaway. If you’re interested in buying any Alien merchandise, they have all sorts of Aliens figures from the likes of NECA and Hot Toys.

Terms and Conditions

  • This competition is for people in the UK only.
  • AvPGalaxy site/forum staff are not eligible to enter.
  • No more than one entry via each channel is permitted.
  • The competition runs for one week and ends at the end of Bank Holiday Monday.
  • Winners will be drawn by random means. The first winner wins the Queen/Bishop figures and the second winner wins the Power Loader and Ripley figures.
  • Winners will be expected to provide their postal address after the competition ends.

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Comments: 30
  1. Origin
    The one scene the always puts a smile on my face is where Hudson is rattling off all the weaponry they have available on the drop ship "We got Knives, sharp sticks..."

    Cracked me up the first time I watched the extended edition.
  2. Master
    I love the scene where Ripley and Hicks are trying to cut the floor to relese Newt and then Alien emerges out of the water. Beautifull Alien shot and I love the reaction of Ripley. She wasn`t so eager to look for captured marines earlier.
  3. The Alien Predator
    My absolute favourite scene is the part where the Marines are being briefed and Hudson is causing hell for Apone. The quotes always get to me every time I hear them. "How do I get outta this chickenshit outfit?" or when Apone says "Hudson, come here... come... HERE...."
  4. drsmuts
    The whole final Alien assault on the group, the realisation that they missed the suspended ceiling void, Hudson going out on all cylinders and finally Vasquez fighting to the last. "You always were an arsehole Gorman!"  8)
  5. Le Celticant

    Nice challenge here! I think my favorite scene is when Ripley is stuck with newt at the top of the Atmospheric Processor, a lift open and reveals with very dramatic (but so well done) lightning the queen that took the lift to get to them. Ripley tells Newt to not look at it while the Queen comes to get them and in an instant Bishop with a dropship comes to save them. Epic, tense, very well done, It made my heart stop for a whole minute!

  6. xor_ew
    There are many fantastic scenes but I remember one which had huge impression on me when I saw 'Aliens' for the first time. The attack in hive. Remembering the previous film with one xenomorph hidden in the shadows I was very surprised and excited watching massive attack of acid-blood creatures. Camera work in cooperation with fantastic play of light shown well all this unexpected situation for brave marines. What a difference to the original, what a dynamism and action worth a good war film - this is the real essence of Cameron's sequel...
  7. RCHE
    Happy Aliens Day!

    My favourite scene is when Ripley is overwhelmed and surrounded by all the eggs and all is silent before she goes berserk. It made you realise how much of a dire situation she was in and however she could possible overcome it.
  8. Thanatos ZHE
    Happy Aliens Day!
    Just like everyone else this is a tough question to answer.  I would have to say that my favourite scene is when the alien rises up out of the water behind Newt to snatch her away to the hive.  So creepy and stayed with me since I first saw it.
  9. Burn the Floor
    Happy Alien Day, all!

    Whew, favourite scene... that's pretty tough to decide, considering all the iconic scenes in Aliens. I could go with the scene I adored even before I saw the whole movie, being the ultimate badass powered armour vs. Queen Bitch fight, which still gives me chills to this day.

    But upon subsequent viewings, I'd have to tag the first ambush when the marines enter the hive, the tension that has been building since first landing on LV-426 exploding all at once, horror piled atop horror, leaving the audience breathless almost nonstop for the rest of the film.
  10. MattFiler
    So many favourite scenes in that film! Actually managed to get tickets to see Alien and Aliens on Alien day (today as of writing) so I'm super excited as I'm not old enough to have seen either of them the first time around.

    I especially love the scene in Aliens where Newt is in the sewers, Hicks is trying to cut through the floor panels to get to her and Ripley is watching the tracker. The way it all builds up the Xenomorph's reveal is awesome, it's a great touch on the horror element from Alien but done in a totally different way.

    A favourite line from Aliens is just after the drop-ship crashes and Burke suggests "Maybe we can build a fire, sing a couple of songs, huh?". It shows just how weak his character is yet he tries to act so tough, it really makes you question if what he does later on in the film is actually how he wanted things to transpire. However, I think it's generally the line after Burke's that is more often remembered!
  11. BonesawT101
    Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite scene is when Ripley stumbles upon the Queen for the first time. The awe and terror in the scene is mesmerizing. Especially when her majesty slowly reveals her maw, observing Ripley for the first time and let's out that chilling sound. Absolutely fantastic scene, and one of my favorites from the whole series
  12. whiterabbit
    The whole movie is my favorite scene of all time. It is impossible to choose just one iconic scene out of an ocean full of iconic scenes. There's the opening credits, the shake and bake, express elevator to hell, sharp sticks, sonic electronic ball breakers. The motion trackers, the special edition, somebody must have bagged one of Ripley's bad guys. The entire team of marines, Apone is on bad ass mutherf**ker. Never been mistaken for a woman. The Aliens haven't even showed up yet and this is already the greatest action movie of all time!

    Keep your toys; ain't no UK person going to win it now.

    Read that Mr. Clemens; WOMAN!
  13. robbritton
    My favourite moment in Aliens is the camera following the Dropship into the Atmosphere Processor, giving you a true sense of the scale of the thing for the first time and reinforcing the size of the endeavour Ripley is about to undertake. Also, the score rocks at that point!
  14. Shevvie
    Cool competition!

    Favorite scene is kinda hard to nail down but what always makes me smile is where they're climbing put of cryo pods and Hudson is complaining about the floor being cold. Apone makes a quip about fetching him some slippers. XD
    That's an easy one.....all 147minutes of the film!!! But by far the best and most iconic line......"Get away from her you BITCH!!!" I just love everything about this movie...the atmosphere....the tone...the suspense...the action...the characters are all portrayed brilliantly! Probably one of the best when Ripley is facing the Queen....and that look where she tilts her head then bang....she flames the eggs!!! Awesome awesome movie!!!!
  16. Elcapitan
    Hicks revealing his secret weapon..."I like to keep this handy" [clicks shotgun pump] "for close encounters". Awesome character and my first toy I had in the kenner line as a kid  :)
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