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Updated: First On Location Pictures of Alien: Covenant!

Updated 01/04/2016 – I have added another 2 pictures to the gallery below. Thanks to Stolen for the close up one.

Updated 02/04/2016 – Added another one.

010416_03 First On Location Pictures of Alien: Covenant!

We have our first on location pictures of Alien: Covenant! Filming is due to start on Alien: Covenant in the next week or so and news of the crew moving into Fiordland National Park in New Zealand has been cropping up on social media over the last few weeks. Now, we finally have our first look at what’s going on in Fiordland!

First On Location Pictures of Alien: Covenant! First On Location Pictures of Alien: Covenant!

First On Location Pictures of Alien: Covenant!

These pictures (more below) were taken in front of Mitre Peak, an iconic mountain in the South of New Zealand. They are constructing what would appear to be a spaceship (possibly the Covenant?). In its current state it’s hard to tell for certain what exactly it might be though. Is it just some generic section of the hull or might it be an airlock?

Thanks to Stolen for this one.

In related news, a recent article (that has since been removed from the website) posted by the Otago Daily Times confirmed that Alien: Covenant would be filming in the Te Anau region of South New Zealand (thanks to Stolen for the tip!):

“Details of exactly what is being filmed, how many people are involved and how long filming will take are shrouded in mystery, but it has been confirmed scenes for Alien: Covenant are at present being shot in the Te Anau-Milford Sound area.

A company spokesman, who declined to be named, said 13 trucks fitted out as camera, make-up, wardrobe and office trucks had been hired ‘‘for a few weeks”. Most were already in Fiordland, with the rest on their way south. They were being used for Alien: Covenant scenes, he said.

He knew Fiordland was to be a location for Alien: Covenant and had heard some filming had begun. Scouts had been scoping locations for the past six to eight weeks, he said. ‘‘I know Fiordland is ideally suited to their needs. It is a grand-scale production … which will use Fiordland’s natural scenery overlaid with special effects.”

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