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Demian Bichir Talks Alien: Covenant: Four Month Shoot?

Whilst speaking to MovieWeb about the impending release of The Hateful Eight on DVD and Blu-Ray, Demian Bichir talks Alien: Covenant. As is to be expected at this point in production, Bichir doesn’t reveal much in regards to the upcoming Prometheus sequel but he does talk about working with Sir Ridley Scott and the expected duration of the shoot:

“We don’t know exact dates yet, all I know is it’s going to be a long shoot, almost like The Hateful Eight. It took five months to shoot The Hateful Eight. We spent a couple of months in the mountains, and a couple of months in a studio in Los Angeles, and this will go for about another four months or so. I have very little details at this point, but we will get there. I’m sure we will get together and read, rehearse, everything.”

Promoting the release of The Hateful Eight on DVD and Blu-Ray, Demian Bichir talks Alien: Covenant. Demian Bichir Talks Alien: Covenant: Four Month Shoot?

Promoting the release of The Hateful Eight on DVD and Blu-Ray, Demian Bichir talks Alien: Covenant.

MovieWeb are saying that Alien: Covenant will have a four month shoot. However, the way Bichir was talking makes this a little unclear as to the actual duration.

Bichir isn’t the only actor on Alien: Covenant to have spoken about the film. Earlier this month, Benjamin Rigby also spoke a little about his role in Alien: Covenant: “I’ve read the whole script, and it’s great, I really like it. I have a great character. I’d say it’s a sizable role. It’s a good plot device. My favourite roles to play are plot devices.”

Keep checking back with Alien vs. Predator Galaxy for your Alien: Covenant news!

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  1. Gazz

    Bichir reveals a touch more information including minor character details.

    You're now off to Space and involved in Ridley Scott's new ALIEN: COVENANT film, how does it feel being involved in that universe now?

    Demián Bichir: Well, yeah. You said it right. I don't know anyone who doesn't admire the work of Ridley. I've been a big fan. There are many films that I love that mark me as an actor, come from this mind, from his vision. I'm a big fan of ALIEN. I'm a big fan of BLADE RUNNER. You name it, the list is very, very, long. Of course, I saw PROMETHEUS, also. Just the thought of being a part of his new adventure, going into space with Ridley Scott, I think it's everyone's dream.

    How's that going? Where are you at this point with that? Are you filming, are you going to start filming--

    Demián Bichir: No, I'm flying tomorrow. We're going to shoot in Australia and New Zealand, and I'm flying out tomorrow for the next four months. It's just beginning right now.

    Who do you play in that film, character-wise?

    Demián Bichir: I'm the head of security on the ship.
  2. LordCassusSnow
    How about a crew of predators being stalked by a lone predalien on a pred ship of some kind after discovering the derelict engineer ship on acheron!? Ooh with cryptic subtitles like the translations in Predator Incurion!
    Wondering how much of this will be philosophical Sci-fi like Prometheus was or a more Thriller Horror Monster Sci-fi like the Original Alien. I'm guessing it will follow Prometheus's themes to a lesser extent seeing as this movie is leaning toward it's Alien roots.

    That being said what worries me is how they'll pull off the Alien stuff and make it frightening again. The scene of the Fifield creature in Prometheus was nowhere near horrific as Alien's scene where the Xeno slowly stalked each crew member taking them out one by one.

    When you think about it the Alien films haven't been as scary as the original, sure Aliens was thrilling and intense but wasn't strictly horror. Alien 3 tried to be more of a atmospheric horror film and while its gothic tone work I didn't feel particularly scared, the same applies to the movies after.

    I mean none purely recaptured the horror aspect, though the game Alien Isolation managed to pull it off. Can Scott manage to make it work? To truly bring back Alien's horror in film.
  4. CainsSon
    4 Months is a pretty long shoot. I just wrapped a Sci Fi Horror film called CORTEX (not the short listed on and even at 2 months it can be grueling. But it also depends more on things like: How many actors are in a lot of scenes? How difficult are those scenes to film? It's really a production issue. For instance, if you have scenes with 6 actors and spfx makeup and stunts and vfx and its camera heavy and its at dawn or twilight... That's the kinda shit that makes a shoot grueling. Its not just that time makes the shoot grueling because it's long.
    BUT! Having a LOT of time allotted, can be indicative that there are a lot of difficult scenes to shoot. So maybe that is why MOVIEWEB is deducing that 4 months means a grueling shoot, but its kinda a silly thing to report without real insight. It may actually be Production asking for more time so it's NOT AS grueling as it would be to try and do those things without having a contingency.
  5. The Eighth Passenger
    Saw this last night but didn't think it was even newsworthy. You gotta love how MovieWeb proclaims in bold headlines: EXCLUSIVE, Demian Bichir Talks Grueling ‘Alien: Covenant’ Shoot and then basically goes on to say bugger all.
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