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Alien vs Predator Clue Coming Soon (Cluedo Board Game)

avp_clue_pr_web Alien vs Predator Clue Coming Soon (Cluedo Board Game)While not quite as grand as the AvP Miniatures Game from Prodos – that one finally hit the shelves last year after much delay – there will be another Alien vs Predator themed board game coming out soon. Simply titled Clue: Alien vs Predator, it will be from a company called USAopoly who specialise in custom-themed board games. This one is based around the popular murder mystery game Cluedo, or Clue as it’s known in America and you will play as a Predator trying to guess where the Queen is. The game will retail for about $40 and will be out in April 2016 in North America.

WHO has the skills and tools to capture the Alien Queen and face off against her offspring? It is up to you and your predator comrades to determine WHERE her hidden lair is and WHAT weapon will be used to subdue her. Is she hidden in the volcano, or the oasis? Will it be Spartan with a whip on the beach, or Wolf with the Combi-stick in the jungle? CLUE®: ALIEN VS PREDATOR™ will startle and surprise you as you solve the mystery of the Alien Queen.


  • Custom Game Board
  • 6 Suspects: Spartan, Berserker, Elite, Scar, Wolf, and Ancient
  • 6 Custom Metal Tokens representing the weapons: Combi-Stick, Plasma Caster, Shuriken, Whip, Wrist Blade, and Net Launcher
  • Rumor Cards featuring 6 Suspects, 9 Rooms and 6 Weapons
  • 21 Hunt Cards
  • 6 Custom Movers
  • Custom Scoring Pad (Clue Sheet & Envelope)
  • Instructions

avp_clue_3dbt_web Alien vs Predator Clue Coming Soon (Cluedo Board Game)

This isn’t the company’s first theme for Clue. They previously did Clue games based around Doctor Who, Supernatural and Firefly. Thanks to LiveForFilms for the tip.

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Comments: 25
  1. PRJ_since1990
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Mar 07, 2016, 08:23:44 AM
    What a random ass piece of merch!  :laugh: ... I am definitely picked this up.

    ...Too far now.
    .......YAHTZEE! Sweet yo, I used to love to play Yahtzee with the wifey and now I can put my stupid hobby spin on it! Yes!!

    Quote from: KiramidHead on Mar 08, 2016, 05:40:23 PM
    Imagine the Alien version of life, you gets start as an embryo, go to college at Facehugger University, etc. :laugh:
    Boo. Hiss. That joke was bad and you should feel bad ;)

    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Mar 08, 2016, 08:24:27 AM
    ...I AvP Risk could be pretty damn fun!
    Absolutely agree. I wouldn't be surprised if that was next. There's a Halo Risk game.
  2. gabrieloup
    Now what. Are we going to get AVP Candy Crush and AVP Hentai Simulator as well? From this point, anything's possible. An AVP PayDay 2 Heist? A Goat Simulator AVP Pack? CS GO AVP Pack? Halo AVP Pack? Lego AVP? Forza Predator Themed Cars? Batman Arkham Knight AVP Predator skins for Batman? GTA 5 AVP Pack? Elite Dangerous Predator Ships?

    I don't care about any of these. I'd sure as hell love to get Lego AVP, though. I couldn't bear watching a cute Lego Predator getting killed by an even-more-cute Lego Alien. And I'd LOVE to have the Pred ships in Elite Dangerous, and if the expansion that allows for ground combat gets out, maybe even play as THE Predator.
  3. The Alien Predator
    Quote from: JungleHunter87 on Mar 08, 2016, 03:38:29 PM
    Quote from: Whiskeybrewer on Mar 08, 2016, 01:27:14 PM
    I'd love to see an AVP Risk now lol

    Ooh, Believe me. I'm sure they're already working on it. Hell, it might even be finished just awaiting to be marketed.

    Now how bout AvP Battle Ship?  :laugh:

    AvP Battle Ship doesn't sound that bad actually.

    Just make it space themed and have cool Conestoga Ships, Cheyenne Drop Ships vs Predator Mother Ships and Scout Ships.  (figures included)

    LOL, what's with all these board games? CIA got FOX pushing too many pencils?
  4. Mr. Domino
    I groaned when I first saw the box art. Then, after that, I've just been getting progressively more giddy. The "Battle Yahtzee" just tipped me over the edge. I've now gone completely insane with gibbering laughter, and greatly anticipate these releases, and any more they decide to throw at me.
  5. CainsSon
    I'm a huge collector of CLUE/CLUEDO Board Games, so as stupid as all these Pop-Culture tie-ins are, I imagine I will be excited to have this.
    Honestly, I would just prefer a straight up Alien vrs, on board the Nostromo.
  6. windebieste

    Oh, Hell.  Why not?!  Might just get this for the sake of it. 

    If it's good, terrific!

    If it's bad, even better!  Always need another reason for a drunken board game party.

  7. RakaiThwei
    As a Toys R Us employee, I can tell you.. we maybe getting this..

    ....Not sure if this is the dumbest thing I've heard... or perhaps one of the best...

    Don't like that they included Berserker in this though..  Why not just go with Celtic?
  8. Spooky799kil
    CLUE? It could work I guess if it plays right a certain way. I think a better idea for a AVP board game would just make RISK version of AVP with Aliens, Predators and Marines as the playable factions.
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