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Rebecca Ferguson Being Eyed For Alien: Paradise Lost

Deadline is reporting that 20th Century Fox currently has their eyes on actress Rebecca Ferguson to appear in Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus sequel, now titled Alien: Paradise Lost. Ferguson recently stared in the latest Mission Impossible film, Rogue Nation in which she apparently stole the show:

“The actress is also in the mix for the Prometheus sequel that Ridley Scott, buoyed by his critical and commercial success with The Martian, is prepping at Fox to go into production in the latter half of next year. No concrete talks have been held about that one yet but Deadline understands that the latest draft was delivered to Scott and Fox execs recently and it is, by all accounts, very strong with a peach of a major female role.”

Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation. Rebecca Ferguson Being Eyed For Alien: Paradise Lost

Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation.

The same article also reports she is in talks to star opposite Michael Fassbender for The Snowman which is due to start in January 2016. Previous reports had Alien: Paradise Lost starting production in January of 2016 but the above report from Deadline mentions production would be later on in the second half of 2016. It is possible they may mean shooting starts in the latter half of 2016. Thanks to GQSioux and tmjhur for the news.

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  1. Xenomrph
    Aw man. I don't really like her because she looks like my ex. I spent the whole of MI:5 fuming & trying to enjoy the action.
    Is she single? Your ex, I mean.

    I think you missed the joke. :P

    No, but I'm sure she could cram you in somewhere.
    LOL :D
  2. acrediblesource
    From the sound of it, Michael Fassbender is has been given bigger and bigger roles with much much more dialogue. Thats based on a role he has on a musical that hasn't even been released yet.
    So chances are, he might have a much larger role over Noomi's.
    My guess is , he will be with the new crew trying to find a lost Shaw. Shaw will return for the last moments on screen while the majority of the movie will be with this new crew.
    I just hope there is something cool and new to be seen rather them treading hand over feet in the same ship and cargo.
  3. david8
    Nice choice, the more I read about A:PL the more it seems that FOX and the writers want to make it as much its own thing as possible, and given the polarizing response to the first Prometheus it's a course of action that makes sense. I think Scott has perhaps been humbled by being less florid and grandiose this time out, especially after working on hard sci-fi with the excellent The Martian. I sincerely hope it carries over into A:PL.  He has been honest about the apparent literary pretention of referencing Milton's work, and I suspect the influence may be more archetypal than anything else. At the end of the day, if the script is strong, A:PL will be great, and I sincerely hope it will be.
  4. CainsSon
    I don't get the confusion over the start time and the script. Scott has said on numerous occasions that the script is complete, even after rewrites, so Im thinking this is being misreported somewhere along the lines. He also seems to know exactly what's going on in the film, so that the script would still be 'in the works,' has got to be wrong. But I like this Actress so that's good.

    In response to David and Shaw being marginalized, I'm actually expecting it to be two stories interwoven. Like the new travelers are on their way to wherever they are and we are cutting between the action. This would also fit with the Paradise Lost connection, in the poem their are also two narratives, overall.
    Hmm, when it was announced that a whole new crew expedition is arriving to the Engineer homeworld I've got the impression that Shaw and David's role will not be the central focus, in fact they'll probably have a minimal appearance. Remember how in the sequel to Planet of the Apes aka Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston shows up a few minutes at the beginning, a new character become the protagonist. Then in the 3rd act Charlton Heston shows up one last time only to be killed off minutes later.

    The news of this actress potentially becoming involve may suggest she's taking over as the Ripley-esque strong female protagonist of the film taking over from Shaw. Here's hoping they do not under use Shaw and David's role.
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