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Archive for October 2015

Alien: Paradise Lost Will Shoot in Australia

Following on from recent news that Ridley Scott was attempting to secure Australia as the filming location for his upcoming Prometheus sequel, Alien: Paradise Lost, the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs has confirmed that “Sir Ridley Scott’s next production for Twentieth Century Fox” will be filming in Australia: “Two feature films, Sir Ridley Scott’s next production for ... [Read More]

Rebecca Ferguson Being Eyed For Alien: Paradise Lost

Deadline is reporting that 20th Century Fox currently has their eyes on actress Rebecca Ferguson to appear in Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus sequel, now titled Alien: Paradise Lost. Ferguson recently stared in the latest Mission Impossible film, Rogue Nation in which she apparently stole the show: “The actress is also in the mix for the Prometheus sequel that Ridley ... [Read More]

Dark Horse Announces Aliens: Defiance Comic Series

Dark Horse have today announced a new Aliens comic series at the New York Comic-Con due for release in April 2016. Titled Aliens: Defiance, the action/survivor/horror comic is set between the first two Alien movies and follows an injured Colonial Marine called Zula Hendricks who fights the xenomorphs. It will be written by Brian Wood with art by Tristan Jones and the story will ... [Read More]

Ridley Scott Talks Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5

Ridley Scott and news about Alien: Paradise Lost is certainly stealing the spotlight at the minute! However, whilst talking to The Daily Beast, promoting his recently released science-fiction film The Martian (which you should go see!) and upcoming Prometheus sequel,  Ridley snuck in a little about the Neill Blomkamp Alien sequel that Scott is also producing: “We have Neill ... [Read More]

Alien Isolation 2 Seems Unlikely Says Creative Assembly

It seems even more unlikely that we’ll be getting a sequel to Alien Isolation any time soon. Back in May 2015, we heard that Alien Isolation had shifted 2.11 million copies in North America and Europe and Sega was reportedly disappointed with the sales performance. In a new interview with GameIndustry.biz, Creative Assembly’s studio director, Tim Heaton, ... [Read More]
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