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AvPGalaxy Gets New AvP Theme/Design!

If you’re reading this, then you can probably see that our new AvP theme is live at last. Now, we had our Alien Isolation theme since last July but with Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel, Shane Black’s Predator sequel and Prometheus 2 on the horizon, I felt it was time to get back to our roots and have a Xenomorph and a Predator back in the banner. Thanks to locusta for allowing me to use his alien render.

avpgalaxy AvPGalaxy Gets New AvP Theme/Design!

There’s some new features such as that the gallery and forum are mobile and tablet friendly now. There’s more self-loading pages than before; the forum gets some new icons and automatic twitter embeds. With three new movies in development, it has never been a better time to be part of the AvP community. Feel free the register and get involved in the forum or visit our Facebook page to get the latest updates from the world of Xenomorphs and Predators.

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