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Alien 3 Podcast Featuring Vincent Ward & Lance Henriksen

alien3 Alien 3 Podcast Featuring Vincent Ward & Lance Henriksen

This should be fun for all you Alien 3 fans out there. Movie podcast website The Projection Booth has done a monster of a podcast all about Alien 3. It’s 3 hours 15 minutes long and features interviews with writers Vincent Ward and John Fasano who worked on the wooden planet script. The podcast also features Lance Henriksen who played Bishop and Holt McCallany who played Junior – the prisoner with the goggles who tries to rape Ripley. Lastly, the website speaks to Mark Veheiden who wrote some of the early Aliens and Predator comics for Dark Horse.

It’s very interesting if you like hearing about all the behind-the-scenes on Alien 3. They talk all about the movie’s troubled production and the various early scripts and directors such as David Twohy’s prison planet script. Lance Henriksen talks about his role in Aliens and Alien 3 and answers the age old question on whether Bishop II was an android or a human being.  Holt McCallany discusses how he got into acting and what it was like working with director David Fincher. You can download the podcast directly here.

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