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Derelict – A Prometheus/Alien Fan Edit by Job Willins

Now, we all know that Prometheus started out as a direct prequel to Alien but the finished film was something completely different. Fan edits aren’t a new concept – the most notable one in this community is Alien Redux but here is “Derelict”  – a 2.5 hour fan edit from a fan called Job Willins which combines 2012’s Prometheus and 1979’s Alien in a dual-narrative structure. Willins goes on to say “‘Derelict’ is in black & white to better marry the visual quality of the two originals (and also because both films look great in black & white). Roughly 30 minutes has been cut from Prometheus and about an hour of Alien has been used in its place. Some content from the deleted scenes of Prometheus was also used.”

I’m assuming the events both take place on the same planet concurrently. If you didn’t like Prometheus when you saw it, chances are this isn’t going to salvage anything but the black and white look is quite nice. Thanks to GQSioux and Bloody-Disgusting for the news.

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