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Alien 5 ‘won’t tread on the toes of Prometheus 2’

There is a little more information about Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel in April 2015’s issue of Empire Magazine. In the article, Blomkamp confirms what we guessed already – the film won’t be called “Alien 5” but doesn’t say what as that would give too much away about the film: “It’s kinda quite bold, but it gives away too much if I say the title”. Secondly, Alien 5 won’t ‘tread on the toes of Prometheus 2’ and Blomkamp changed one thing in his film that Ridley Scott felt was ‘bumping into Prometheus 2‘. Well, it’s no secret that Blomkamp was possibly going to have references to the Space Jockeys / Engineers as the Derelict Spacecraft was featured in his concept art. So has that now been removed or toned down?

 Alien 5 'won't tread on the toes of Prometheus 2'


Lastly, Blomkamp again reiterates that his Alien movie will be a true sequel to the first two: “Where it went after Aliens to me, as a fan, was wrong”. The new Alien film will be “the triplet of the first two. There’s a shitload missing as a fan that I would want to see”. The new issue of Empire Magazine is on sale this week. We’ll try to get scans of it if it contains something else. Thanks to Nightmare Asylum for the news.

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