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Neill Blomkamp Talks About Getting Alien 5

With his newest film, Chappie, due out later this week Neill Blomkamp is doing the press rounds promoting it. In a chat with IGN UK for their podcast, they talked quite candidly and in detail about how his Alien 5 project came together:

“My apprehension with Alien was that I had never worked with someone else’s material. And not even someone else – at this point it was like… I’m going to count Fincher in with the third one, even though the third one I don’t like as much as the first two. But they’re all three awesome filmmakers. So it’s not about living up to it and being nervous about it, I just don’t want other people to tell me what to do. Which is a different thing.”

This is the lengthiest and best interview with Neill so far. He talks about how he is feeling in regards to Alien 5, about the aesthetics of Alien Isolation and how that has made him rethink his design choices and more. Definitely worth giving it a read! Thanks to The Eighth Passenger for the tip.

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