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The Trigger: Alien Isolation DLC

The fifth, and I believe final, piece of Alien Isolation DLC has been put onto Steam for pre-order:

“Welcome to The Trigger, the fifth add-on content pack for Alien: Isolation.

Can you make Sevastopol safe? You’ve been given a box of explosives and the locations to set them. All you need to do now is pull the trigger… and stay alive.

– Features three all-new Survivor Mode maps. Can you survive and get the highest score?
– Play as Ricardo and learn the truth behind the explosives on board Sevastopol.
– Avoid security alarms, take on Working Joes and above all, survive the Alien.”

020315_02 The Trigger: Alien Isolation DLC

The Trigger is due for release tomorrow, on the 3rd of March. I expect more details and a video tomorrow upon the release of the Alien Isolation DLC. Thanks to Quarax and vikingr for the news.

Update – Creative Assembly have now posted their official Let’s Play of The Trigger:

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