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Michael Biehn Contacted About Alien 5

Michael Biehn is currently attending Pensacon 2015, a regular convention in Pensacola and according to Reddit user Sskywarpe, Biehn stated he had been contacted about Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming Alien film. Of course, this is Reddit so take it with a pinch of salt:

“I’m at Pensacon, just now gave Michael a Reece ReAction figure, said “This is yours… one question, have you been contacted for Alien 5?” He looked at me, smiled and said, “Yes.” Holy… shitake…”

“He just walked by me and I said, ” Alien 5, you gonna do it!?” To which he replied, “Looks like it!” and smiled.”

 Michael Biehn Contacted About Alien 5


Biehn’s character, Dwayne Hicks, was featured in some of the earlier released concept art that Blomkamp had commisioned for his new Alien film during its infancy. This also lends more credit to the idea that the new film will be alternative sequel to Aliens. Thanks to Valaquen and Nazrel for the news.

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