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Lost Contact: Latest Alien Isolation DLC Released

The team over at Alien Isolation have announced the fourth piece of downloadable content for Alien Isolation. Called Lost Contact, this DLC sees you playing as Axel (met in the main campaign of Alien Isolation) to get out alive:

“‘Lost Contact’ reintroduces the character of Axel who some of you will remember encountering in the main game when Amanda first lands on Sevastopol.

Set during the events prior to his meeting with Amanda, Axel is stranded in one of the more remote areas of the station. Cut off from all contact with his colleagues, Axel will need to use every skill and all his cunning in order to stay alive and escape.

With ten increasingly challenging tasks to complete on his route to escape, as Axel, you will have to navigate the corridors and crawl spaces, crafting items to give you the edge against the difficult opponents awaiting you.

Each completed challenge will reward you with points and access to new items to collect and craft. With enough points, you’ll have the chance of banking your progress. Should you fail at any point, you’ll be taken back to your last saved challenge. However, this comes at the cost of your final score and a revered place on our leader boards.

With only one life to play with, will you risk the points for the perfect score or use them to take the safer route?”

You can download Lost Contact today, with PS3 and PS4 owner’s from Europe able to download as of tomorrow.

  • STEAM: Available from 09:00 GMT (01:00 PST), Tuesday, 10th February
  • XBOX ONE, XBOX 360: Tuesday, 10th February
  • PS3 and PS4 in North America:  Tuesday, 10th February
  • PS3 and PS4 in Europe: Available from Wednesday, 11th February

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  1. Razz
    I've been meaning to give Isolation another solid playthrough (Not played since completing it), although I'll look at getting the DLC when I do go through it again, as soon as I clear my insane backlog.
  2. Crazy Rich
    Quote from: RidgeTop on Feb 12, 2015, 09:31:09 AM
    I thought Axel said that he hadn't seen the Alien in the main story?-

    It's not really anything "story" related, it's just a map in which you just go through missions and aim for a good time or score (time limit of 2 hours), Axel is the newest character but you can also play as other characters, in some levels you can play as Ellen Ripley, Parker and Dallas (if you have the bonus missions).
  3. Crazy Rich
    The save points were in the 3rd DLC and are probably in the 4th in the same way. In between missions in your safe haven you can save your progress but for a price, some of your points.

    I'll be giving this a go today.
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