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AvPGalaxy Interviews Alien: Isolation Writers

After the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines in 2013, the fans of the franchise were distraught. It was a complete bitter disappointment in nearly every single facet. Then news of Alien: Isolation trickled down. Early on, weary of the disappointment of Colonial Marines, fans were skeptical of some of the early revealed aspects of the game. And then October 2014 rolled around and Creative Assembly released Alien: Isolation, blowing fans (and critics) away and reminding us all that it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Alien: Isolation is now racking in a slew of awards and it was recently announced that the game had sold over 1 million copies. AvPGalaxy recently had the chance to ask Alien: Isolation writers Dion Lay and Will Porter about their work on the game, on creating the vast and engrossing world that Alien: Isolation takes place in:

“When we started we knew we wanted some android antagonists in the game, but that they would be very different to the advanced Weyland-Yutani androids from the films. I thought if they were going to be simpler versions then maybe Seegson would try and turn a negative into a positive and sell them on the idea that they were more ‘honest’ androids – they weren’t pretending they were humans and shouldn’t be treated as such. Of course, this also ties into the class theme from the films and so it seemed natural to call them ‘Working Joes’.”

What are you waiting for?! Head on over to our interview with Will Porter and Dion Lay in full! I’d like to thank Will and Dion for taking the time out of their busy schedules to answer our questions.

Do you have any comments about our interview? Then let us know down below.

030215_02 AvPGalaxy Interviews Alien: Isolation Writers

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