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Safe Haven: New Alien Isolation DLC Released

Today sees the release of Creative Assembly’s third piece of Alien Isolation DLC expansion pack, Safe Heaven. Safe Haven comes with new challenge modes well as new maps, in the form of Salvage and Marathon mode:

“‘Safe Haven’ will allow you to play as new character Hughes, Sevastopol’s Station’s Communications Manager.

Trapped in a safe room and desperate to escape, Hughes’ only chance is to take on ten tasks given at the communications terminal in the lower decks of the station.

Every task is one step closer to escape but will require the utmost stealth and skill as Hughes confronts the station’s life-threatening challenges – a crumbling environment and the toughest foes – as he works to restore communications and get away.

In ‘Safe Haven’, be ready to experience a different side to Survivor Mode. With a far larger challenge map and only one life to survive with, each level will test your skills with new objectives, a different enemy type and the risk that one wrong move will be your last.

Completing each challenge will unlock rewards and points, with new items to collect and craft. Gather enough points and you’ll be able to trade them in for a chance to save and bank your progress.

Should you fail at any point, you’ll be taken back to your last saved challenge but it comes at the cost of your final score and the place on our leader boards.”

GameSpot recently sat down with the new pack and shared their thoughts in an article yesterday: “In Salvage, players are plunked down into a large map–larger than the typical areas we’ve seen in so far in Alien: Isolation–and force them to complete mission after mission within a two-hour time limit under increasingly challenging circumstances. Players will begin each mission in a safe room, a section aboard the Sevastopol station in which the roaming xenomorph can’t harm you. Missions will range from setting out to operate machinery aboard the station or collecting materials from a hard-to-reach area.”

“It keeps you coming back for more, in the worst, best, and cruelest way. And Marathon mode piggybacks on this, creating another challenge with the potential to be an endless affair–or an endless nightmare. In Marathon mode, you play all of your existing modes and maps in one straight sequence, attempting to survive them all in one go. This is truly punishing, but an interesting way to test your mettle against the xenomorph.”

Safe Haven is available to buy now.

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