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Predator: Fire and Stone #4 Preview Online

Comic Book Resources has posted a new preview of the upcoming comic, Predator: Fire and Stone #4, set for release on Wednesday, January 28th 2015. Be sure to check the images below.

“As the Predator sets out on his greatest hunt, Galgo must decide if atoning for his past sins is worth the ultimate sacrifice!

  • The ultimate game is revealed in the heart-stopping climax!
  • From the artist of Five Ghosts!
  • Sets up Kelly Sue DeConnick’s epic, oversized special, Prometheus: Fire and Stone-Omega!

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  1. MrSpaceJockey
    Hm, you're right.  I've definitely stumbled across that page before but I never realized his query dates back to 2009, while I only saw the name Calpamos on a wiki page dated to 2012.  Peculiar.

    Also, ugh, that alienfilmspedia misspells Acheron.  ::)
  2. Quarax
    Was Calpamos ever a official name.  I feel like it was invented for the Alien wikia and now, in an act of irony, it's inclusion in this comic will really render it official.

    That's what it seems like:

    I wonder what wikis he was referring to there. This is the earliest use I could find:
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