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Aliens vs Predator – Fire and Stone #4 Preview

Comic Book Resources has just posted the preview for the 4th and final issue of the Aliens vs Predator – Fire and Stone series. Written by Christopher Sebela and with artwork from Ariel Olivetti, Aliens vs Predator has told the story of Elden’s hunt for Francis. As always, beware spoilers:

As a desperate scientist’s violent evolution reaches its deadly apex, an alien-and-predator battle royale erupts in the bowels of the doomed Geryon armada! Now, on a ship of killers—there can be only one survivor . . .

241214_02 Aliens vs Predator - Fire and Stone #4 Preview

Aliens vs. Predator has very much become a series focused on the conflict between the accelerant infected creatures and it will be interesting to see how the conclusion is ended. Thanks to Ultramorph for the news.

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