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William Hope Talks Aliens

Dead Mouse Productions recently published a short interview with William Hope, the actor behind Lt. Gorman in Aliens – and also Dr Groves in AvP 2010 and Waits in Alien Isolation – in which the actor recalls his time involved with the film. In the interview, titled You Always Were an Asshole Gorman, he talks about having a stand-off with James Cameron after the cast got intoxicated on the set, about response to his performance and subtext within the script.

Thanks to Dan Guess for the link.

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    I believe that was the reason. Unions. It's been a while since I watched the documentaries too. I might try and watch them over Christmas. I got the Quadrilogy the Christmas it was released and remember spending my holidays watching all the features and multiple versions of the films.
  2. Russ
    He didn't understand the importance of tea in our lives.

    Seriously, though - wasn't that some union bullshit that they were entitled to x tea breaks a day and damn the consequences to the schedule. I can't remember the exact thing from the documentary just now.
  3. ken.ward.54379
    Awesome. I did found it to be a surprise they had a moment to relax. The special features in the Anthology stated pretty clearly that Cameron wouldn't even allow tea time for the British. What a classic experience for these guys.
  4. LastSurvivor92
    Sounds like a completely different person opposite of what he played in Aliens. Sounds like just an awesome, laid back dude. I never would of thought the actors would of got smashed and smoked some pot. That made me laugh quite a bit. Every time I watch Aliens now I'm going to see Gorman (William Hope) in a totally new light...but in a good way lol.
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