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Alien – River of Pain Review

The end of November saw the release of Alien – River of Pain, the last of Titan’s trilogy of Alien novels released throughout 2014. The novel serves as a semi-prequel to Aliens and tells the tale of the Alien infestation of Hadley’s Hope. I have just uploaded my review of the novel, written by Christopher Golden, for you all to read:

“The first half of the novel is quite a slow burn, taking its time to let us get to know the situation these characters are in. Christopher Golden really emphasizes the mental turmoil that the colonists face every day. It makes a nice change as none of the other novels or comics that I can remember make a big deal of the hardships that are faced when these people uproot their life and attempt to make a new start on a frontier colony.

A section relatively early on in the book focuses on the more drastic aspects of this hardship in what can happen when someone really goes off the deep end. It really emphasized what can happen when it all goes truly wrong.

River of Pain focuses mainly on the Jordan family – quite obviously as Newt is the sole survivor in Aliens and as her parents are vital to the story in that they bring the xenomorphs back to the colony – and Golden uses their family to further emphasize the hardships of the frontier-life. Russ, Newt’s father, is becoming quite disillusioned with the life he has chosen and it is putting strain on his relationship with Anne. A relationship that is further strained with the introduction of the new Colonial Marine CO, Demian Brackett.”

Whilst Alien – River of Pain marks the last of the current series of Alien novels, we recently found out that Tim Lebbon – author of the first novel, Alien – Out of the Shadows – will be writing a brand new Alien vs Predator trilogy titled Rage Wars. Be sure to check out my Alien – River of Pain review in it’s entirety. The novel is available to purchase from all your usual online book retailers.

What did you think of the novel? Let us know down below!

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