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NECA Aliens Series 3 Pictures

NECA Online has finished posting up previews of their upcoming Aliens Series 3. The new releases include NECA’s first release of the Dog Alien, Bishop and Kane (in the Space Suit).

“The third series of our #1 selling Alien action figures brings all new characters spanning the first three Alien films to the collection!

Kane in Nostromo Spacesuit is from 1979’s Alien, and comes in special 35th Anniversary packaging. The android Bishop comes from James Cameron’s 1986 Aliens, and features the likeness of actor Lance Henriksen. The long-awaited Dog Alien is from 1992’s Alien 3.

Figures stand 7″ – 9″ tall and are fully articulated.”

171114_01 NECA Aliens Series 3 Pictures 171114_02 NECA Aliens Series 3 Pictures 171114_03 NECA Aliens Series 3 Pictures

NECA Aliens Series 3 will be available in stores in December 2014.

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